Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 3

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Để hệ thống lại những điểm ngữ pháp cơ bản đã học và rèn luyện nâng cao kiến thức, HỌC247 giới thiệu đến các em bài tập trắc nghiệm Unit 3 tiếng Anh lớp 12. Hi vọng với tài liệu này các em sẽ dễ dàng ôn tập và ghi nhớ sau khi học xong Unit 3 trong chương trình SGK tiếng Anh 12.

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 3


I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

1. a. attract                             b. person                      c. signal                                   d. instance

2. a. verbal                               b. suppose                  c. even                                     d. either

3. a. example                           b. consider                   c. several                                 d. attention

4. a. situation                           b. appropriate            c. informality                           d. entertainment

5. a. across                              b. simply                      c. common                               d. brother

6. a. social                               b. meter                       c. notice                                   d. begin

7. a. whistle                             b. table                        c. someone                              d. receive

8. a. discuss                            b. waving                    c. airport                                  d. often

9. a. sentence                           b. pointing                   c. verbal                                   d. attract

10. a. problem                         b. minute                     c. suppose                               d. dinner


II. Choose the best answer.

1. She is a kind of woman who does not care much of work but generally _______ only with colleagues for meals, movies or late nights at a club.

a. supposes                  b. socializes                             c. attention                              d. discussed

2. I didn't think his comments were very appropriate at the time.

a. correct                     b. right                                     c. exact                                    d. suitable

3. You should _______ more attention to what your teacher explains.

a. make                        b. get                                       c. set                                        d. pay

4. Body language is a potent form of _______ communication.

a. verbal                       b. non-verbal                                     c. tongue                                 d. oral

5. Our teacher often said, "Who knows the answer? _______ your hand."

a. Rise                                     b. Lift                                      c. Raise                                   d. Heighten

6. This is the instance where big, obvious non-verbal signals are appropriate.

a. situation.                 b. attention                              c. place                                    d. matter

7. They started, as ___ gatherings but they have become increasingly formalized in the last few years.

a. informal                 b. informally                            c. informalize                          d. informality

8. Children who are isolated and lonely seem to have poor language and ________.

a. communicate           b. communication                  c. communicative                    d. communicator

9. The lecturer explained the problem very clearly and is always _______ in response to questions.

a. attention                  b. attentive                             c. attentively                           d. attentiveness

10. Pay more attention _______ picture and you can find out who is the robber.

a. to                             b. for                                       c. at                                         d. on

11. She looked _______ me, smiling happily and confidently.

a. on                            b. over                                     c. forward                               d. at

12. - What an attractive hair style you have got, Mary! - _______

a. Thank you very much. I am afraid             

b. You are telling a lie

c. Thank you for your compliment             

d. I don't like your sayings

13. In _______ most social situations, _______ informality is appreciated.

a. Ø/Ø                         b. the/an                                  c. a/the                                     d. the/a

14. - What beautiful dress you are wearing!

- Thank you. That is _______ nice compliment.

a. a/a                           b. the/Ø                                   c. Ø/Ø                                                 d. the/the

15. ______ you wanted to ask your teacher a question during his lecture, what would you do?

a. As                            b. As if                                    c. Even of                                d. suppose

16. John asked me _______ in English.

a. what does this word mean                                      b. what that word means

c. what did this word mean                                        d. what that word meant

17. The mother told her son _______ so impolitely.

a. not behave               b. not to behave                     c. not behaving                        d. did not behave

18. She said she _______ collect it for me after work.

a. would                      b. did                                       c. must                                     d. had

19. She said I _______ an angel.

a. am                       b. was                                          c. were                                     d. have been

20. I have ever told you he _______ unreliable.

a. is                              b. were                                    c. had been                              d. would be

21. I told him _______ the word to Jane somehow that I _______ to reach her during the early hours.

a. passing/will try                                                                     b. he will pass/tried    

c. to pass/would be trying                                                      d. he passed/have tried

22. Laura said she had worked on the assignment since _______.

a. yesterday                 b. two days ago                       c. the day before                    d. the next day

23. John asked me _______ interested in any kind of sports.

a. if I were                         b. if were I                        c. if was I                                d. if I was

24. I _______ you everything I am doing, 'and you have to do the same.

a. will tell                         b. would tell                       c. told                                      d. was telling

25. John asked me _______ that film the night before.

a. that I saw                                                                            b. had I seen               

c. if I had seen                                                                        d. if had I seen

26. The boy waved his hands to his mother, who was standing at the school gate, to ___ her attention.

a. attract                     b. pull                                      c. follow                                  d. tempt

27. If something _______ your attention or your eye, you notice it or become interested in it.

a. pays                         b. allow                                    c. catches                               d. wave

28. When you are in a restaurant, you can raise your hand slightly to show that you need assistance.

a. bill                          b. menu                                    c. help                                    d. food

29. After a _______ hesitation, she began to speak with such a convincing voice.

a. rude                                     b. slight                                   c. small                      d. impolite

30. He is one of the most _______ bosses I have ever worked with. He behaves rudely to not only me but also others in the staff.

a. thoughtful               b. impolite                              c. attentive                              d. communicative

31. In many cultures, people signify their agreement by _______ their head.

a. turning                     b. raising                                  c. pointing                               d. nodding

32. There was a _______ tremble in her voice, which showed that she was very nervous at that time.

a. slight                       b. slighted                               c. slightly                                 d. slightness

33. If a boss wants to have a well-qualified staff, he should have to pay his employees _______.

a. appropriate             b. appropriately                     c. appropriation                       d. appropriating

34. Mrs. Pike was so angry that she made a _______ gesture at the driver.

a. rude                        b. rudeness                              c. rudely                                  d. rudest

35. _______ nonverbal language is _______ important aspect of interpersonal communication.

a. The/Ø                      b. A/the                                   c. The/a                                     d. Ø/an


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