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Để củng cố bài học Test Yourself D Unit 9 - 10 trong chương trình tiếng Anh lớp 12, HỌC247 đã tổng hợp và soạn bài tập trắc nghiệm nhằm bổ trợ kiến thức cho các em sau khi học bài với một số kỹ năng Reading, Writing, Language Focus và Vocabulary. Hi vọng với bài tập này các em có thể tham khảo và làm trực tuyến.

Trắc nghiệm Test Yourself D Unit 9-10 Tiếng Anh 12


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Exercise 1: Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

Plants and animals hold medicinal, agricultural, ecological value. Endangered species must be protected and saved so that future generations can experience their presence and value.

Plants and animals are responsible for a variety of useful medications. In fact, about forty percent of all prescriptions written today are composed from the natural compounds of different species. These species not only save lives, but they contribute to a prospering pharmaceutical industry worth over $40 billion annually. Unfortunately, only 5% of known plant species have been screened for their medicinal values, although we continue to lose up to 100 species daily. The Pacific yew, a slow-growing tree found in the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest, was historically considered a "trash" tree. However, a substance in its bark was recently identified as one of the most promising treatments for ovarian and breast cancer. Additionally, more than 3 million American heart disease sufferers would die within 72 hours of a heart attack without digitalis, a drug derived from the purple foxglove.

Câu 1: Plants and animals _______.

A. contain medicaments

B. will not exist until the future generations can experience their value

C. do some harm to medication

D. take no responsibility for medication

Câu 2: Plants and animals _______.

A. take up all recent prescriptions are

B. play no role in pharmaceutical industry

C. can be used to save lives

D. cause difficulty to pharmaceutical industry

Câu 3: According to the text, _______.

A. human beings do not like to use plants as medicine

B. human beings depend on plants for food and medicine

C. there is no disease-resistant material in edible plants

D. edible plants do not include wheat and corn


Exercise 2: Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.

Câu 6: Hunting wild animals is prohibited _______ law in many countries but it does not seem to be effective.

A. in                            B. on                           C. with                                                D. by

Câu 7: A ban was given _______ all trade in ivory in 1989.

A. with                        B. on                           C. for                                       D. from

Câu 8: There was a huge decline _______ the number of panda.

A. in                            B. for                           C. of                                        D. out

Câu 9: She was involved in conservational _______ and began to devoted herself to the wildlife protection movement.

A. act                          B. action                      C. activity                               D. acting

Câu 10: According to present law, the authorities can give poachers a severe _______.

A. punish                     B. punishable              C. punishment                       D. punishing

Câu 11: Many Asian people _______ like hunting elephants for their ivory and tigers for their bones.

A. particular                B. particularity            C. particularly                       D. particularize

Câu 12: A _______ is the skin of a large animal such as a cow, horse, or elephant, which can be used for making leather.

A. tooth                       B. hide                        C. ivory                                   D. tusk


Exercise 3: Error Identification.

Câu 26: In several parts of Asia, there is still a strong market for traditional medicines making from these animal parts.

A. In several parts       B. there is still                         C. making                              D. animal parts

Câu 27: Disease, pollute, and limited distribution are factors that threaten.

A. pollute                    B. are                                       C. factors                                D. threaten

Câu 28: If a species does not have the natural genetic protection against particular diseases, an introduced disease can have severely effects on that species.

A. If                            B. does not have                     C. introduced                          D. severely

Câu 29: A species that faces overexploitation is one that may become severely endangered or even extinct due to the rate in that the species is being used.

A. faces                       B. overexploitation                 C. due to                                 D. that

Câu 30: When several whale species were nearly extinct, the number of nations, including the United States, agreed to abide by the international laws on whaling.

A. When                      B. nearly                                  C. the                                      D. including


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