Tuyển tập đề kiểm tra 1 tiết tiếng Anh 9 lần 1 học kì 1

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HỌC247 giới thiệu đến các em chuẩn bị kiểm tra định kì Unit 1,2 chương trình tiếng Anh lớp 9 một số bài tập trắc nghiệm và tự luận có đáp án.

Unit 1-2


 I)  Pronunciation: 

A. Choose  the word whose  underlined part is pronounced  differently from that of the others: 

  1. a.  primary    b. divided    c. comprise    d. religion

  2. a.  school    b. children    c. Chinese    d. church

  3. a.  impressed  b. disappointed  c. wished    d. stopped

  4. a.  tunic    b. slit      c. design    d. ethnic

B. Choose  the word whose  main stress pattern is placed differently from the others: 

  5. a.  primary    b. official    c. tropical    d. literature

  6. a.  population  b. mausoleum  c. correspond   d. secondary

  7. a.  material    b. university    c. majority    d. embroider

  8. a.  fashionable  b. convenient   c. traditional    d. minority

II) Vocabulary and expression: 

A. Choose  the word or phrase (a, b, c, d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence :

  1. Many  women  today prefer wearing  modern  clothing _____ traditional clothing.

  a. to      b. with    c. from    d. on

  2. I was  very  impressed ________ the efficiency of the staff.

  a. to      b. by      c. on      d. in

  3. This  report is divided  broadly  ________ two parts.

  a. with     b. in      c. into     d. by

  4. Lan  and  Maryam  are pen pals.  They  ________ with each  other twice a month.

  a. comprise    b. touch    c. correspond   d. separate

  5. Most visitors to Ha Noi came to visit Ho Chi Minh’s  Mausoleum.

  a. impressive  tomb  b. large house  c. lasting  memorial  d. nature  trail

  6. US  dollars are considered common ______ in international  transactions.

  a. currency    b. money    c. value    d. support

  7. My mother hasn’t worn Ao Dai ________ at least ten years.

  a. in      b. on      c. for      d. since

  8. She  wore a cream silk dress that she ______ herself.

  a. dressed    b. designed    c. produced    d. preferred

  9. Jean cloth is very  strong and  hardly  _________.

  a. wear  out    b. put  on    c. go up    d. wear  on

  10. Anita  is fond ________ playing  the piano.

  a. with      b. on      c. in      d. of

B. Use the correct form of the word given to complete each sentence :

  1. Islam  is one of the great world  ________. (religious )

  2. We need to get more young  people ____________ in the sport. ( interest) 

  3. The  band  performed very  ___________ in the concert last night.  (impress) 

  4. Teenagers  always  try to be ____________ of their parents.  (depend) 

  1/ religion  2/ interested    3/ impressively  4/ independent

III) Grammar and structure: 

  A. Choose  the word or phrase (a, b, c, d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence: 

1. Last  night  I came home, cooked dinner,  and  _________ TV.

  a. watch    b. watched    c. was  watching  d. would  watch

  2. I wish I_________ you some money for your rent, but I’m broke myself.

  a. can  lend    b. would  lend   c. could lend    d. will  lend

  3. Would  you like_______ and  visit me next  summer?

  a. come    b. to come    c. comes    d. coming

  4. I have  been feeling better since___________.

  a. the doctor has come   b. the doctor comes   c. the doctor coming      d. the doctor came

  5. I wish  I___________ Vicky more often.

  a. see      b. will  see    c. saw      d. have  seen

  6. “Would  you like to go to the band concert?” ”Thanks,  but I______ it already.

  a. saw      b. was  seeing   c. have  seen    d. have  been seen

   7. Jeans________ of heavy  cotton cloth called denim.

  a. make    b. have  made    c. is made    d. are made

  8. When  I was  a  child I_________ violin.

  a. was  playing  b. am  playing   c. play     d. played

  9. In  the 1990s, the sale of jeans stopped_____________.

  a. to grow    b. growing    c. grow    d. to be grown

  10. Wearing  casual  clothes makes  students__________ self-confident.

  a. feel     b. to feel    c. feeling    d. felt


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