Đề kiểm tra 45 phút tiếng Anh lớp 10 HK1 lần 2

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HỌC247 gửi đến các em tài liệu tham khảo cho bài kiểm tra định kì lần 2 môn tiếng Anh lớp 10. Hi vọng với đề kiểm tra 1 tiết này các em có thể tự mình thực hành ôn tập chuẩn bị cho bài kiểm tra đạt kết quả cao!



Name: ______________________________________________


  1. a. student                                b. enclose                    c. disable                     d. require
  2. a. sorrow                                 b. schooling                 c. passion                    d. subtract
  3. a. food                                     b. fruit                         c. pull                           d. tooth
  4. a. instead                                 b. jeans                        c. dead                        d. threaten

II,Choose the best answer to complete the passage

Valentine's day is always (1)______ February 14th. It's not a (2)______day. On weekends, schools are open. Banks are open. People go to work. Life goes on as usual, but there is one (3)______. People give cards and gifts to their friends and people they love. They say, 'Be my Valentine'.

There are many kinds of Valentine cards. Some people make cards. Most people (4)______ them. Men and women often give each other romantic cards. These cards say, 'I love you'. The husbands give romantic cards to their wives.

Flowers and candies are popular gifts on Valentine's Day. Many people give red roses (5)______ people they love. Stores sell chocolates and other candies in heart shapes.

  1. A. at                            B. in                            C. on                           D. for
  2. A. regional                  B. educational             C. national                   D. natural
  3. A. differently              B. difference               C. different                 D. differ
  4. A. get                          B. sell                          C. give                         D. buy
  5. A. no word                  B. at                            C. for                           D. to

III, Choose the best answer

1. The port is capable _________________ handing 10 million tons of coal a year.

A. in                                     B. on                                          C. of                                        D. for

2. What makes computer a miraculous device?

A. strange                             B. powerful                                C. magical                               D. excellent

3. A _________________ is used to copy the information from a computer on to paper.

A. photocopier                     B. printer                                    C. speaker                               D. mouse

4. Anna:  “_________________”

Bobby: “Well, a microwave is used to cook or heat food”

A. Could you tell me what is a microwave used for?             B. Please tell me how to use a microwave?

C. Can you tell me what is used for cooking?            D. Could you tell me what a microwave is used for?

5. I work from Tuesday to Saturday, and Sunday and Monday are my _______.

A. working days                  B. days out                                 C. breaks                                 D. days off


V,  Dùng từ gợi ý để viết lại câu hoàn chỉnh

21, they/ not/ understand/ lesson/ yet


22, They have made some cakes for their parents.     (đổi sang bị động)


23, He failed the examination. This made his father angry.               (dùng đại từ quan hệ)


24, I went to the church when I was a child.                                     ( USED TO)


25, You are driving at the speed of 100 miles/ hours. You has never done it before. (this is ….time)


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