Đề kiểm tra 45 phút HK2 Tiếng Anh lớp 12 lần 1 có đáp án

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HỌC247 gửi đến các em đề kiểm tra 45 phút lần 1 trong chương trình Tiếng Anh lớp 12 học kì 2. Hy vọng với đề kiểm tra này các em có thể tổng hợp kiến thức đã học trong các bài học 9, 10, 11 để có được nền tảng tốt nhất trong quá trình học và kiểm tra.



Xin mời các em theo dõi video Hướng dẫn giải đề kiểm tra 45 phút Tiếng Anh lớp 12 lần 1 để nắm các phương pháp làm bài và ôn tập kiến thức.

I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest (0,5m)

1. A. center                 B. eject                        C. penalty        D. penalize

2. A. compete             B. medal                      C. level            D. get

II. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest: (0,5m)

3. A. endanger                        B. commercial             C. destruction       D. habitat

4. A. character             B. imagine                   C. especial          D. unnoticed

III. Vocabulary and Grammar: (5,75ms)

5. _________ is the existence of a wide variety of plant and animal species living in their natural environment.        

            A. Biodiversity           B. Conservation          C. Globe                      D. Individual

6. If an area is __________, all the trees there are cut down or destroyed.

            A. endangered                        B. deforested              C. contaminated          D. polluted

7. During the last few decades, human beings have caused a great ______ to the environment.

            A. damage                   B. impact                     C. destruction             D. extinction

8. The government should __________ new laws to conserve wildlife in the area.

            A. announce                B. publish                    C. maintain                  D. enact

9. They suggested that animals should be kept in their natural __________.

            A. habitat                    B. habit                       C. inhabitant               D. habitation

10. We have __________ done two grammar exercises.

            A. still                         B. already                    C. yet                          D. also

11. Jerry likes to watch __________ football on TV.

            A. the                          B. a                              C. an                            D. x

12. My brother passed his final exams thanks to encouragements from my family.

            A. praise                      B. confidence              C. assurance                D. supports

13. Vietnamese athletes are trained both home and abroad.

            A. overseas                  B. at school                C. outside                    D. in sport centres

14. Tropical fruits _______ durians, mangosteens and rambutans are exported all over the world.

            A. as                            B. example                  C. like                          D. such

15. Have you got any books on business methods or any similar __________?

            A. subject                    B. content                   C. author                    D. matter

16. It is a good book. I think it is interesting enough for you to __________.

            A. put down                B. swallow                  C. look up                   D. understand

17. If you _____ a book, you have a brief look at it without reading or studying it seriously.

            A. dip into                   B. put away                 C. pick up                    D. digest

18. I'm reading a Stephen King's novel. It's really exciting and I couldn't put it __________.

            A. off                          B. down                      C. on                           D. up

19. His lecture was interesting but too much to __________ all at once.

            A. digest                     B. process                    C. chew                       D. convert

20. _________, America depends on Africa for 40% of its oil imports.

            A. Interesting             B. To interest             C. Interestingly           D. Interested

21. This successful businessman is said _________ school at the age of thirteen.

            A. that left                  B. to leave                   C. to have left                         D. that having left

22. Books in the home are the wonderful __________ of knowledge and pleasure.

            A. supply                     B. origin                      C. source                     D. provision

23. Let's __________ it anymore!

            A. not mention            B. not to mention        C. not mentioning       D. don't mention

24. ______ how to use this vacuum cleaner and I'll help you clean the house.

            A. If you show me                  B. When you show me

            C. Unless you show me          D. Show me

25. - “Would you like to go for a drink with me?”

    - “Yes, __________.”

            A. I like                       B. I go                         C. I can’t                     D. I’d love to.


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