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HỌC247 đã tổng hợp và giới thiệu đến các em bộ 3 đề ôn thi học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 12. Hi vọng với một số đề thi tham khảo này, các em sẽ có thêm tài liệu ôn tập chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi chất lượng học kỳ I.



Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. any                                     B. daddy                            C. cat                                 D. chat

2. A. talked                                 B. passed                           C. called                            D. washed

3. A. come                                  B. something                    C. comb                             D. grow

Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.

4. A. company                           B. official                          C. Australia                      D. encounter

5. A. knowledge                        B. bracket                         C. although                       D. neighbor

6. A. hopelessness                    B. athletics                        C. resident                        D. tolerance

Choose the best answer to complete the blank in each of the following sentences.

7. This room__________since I was born.

             A. has been painted       B. was painted                  C. painted                         D. has painted

8. What__________ you__________if you __________a billionaire? –I would take a trip into space.

             A. will/do / are               B. would/do / were          C. can/do/was                   D. shall/do / are

9. Have you seen the Titanic yet? _ No, I haven’t. I__________it next Saturday.

             A. would see                   B. will see                         C. am going to see           D. see

10. After__________dinner, I often watch TV.

             A. ate                               B. eat                                 C. eaten                             D. eating

11. Tom said that he __________his motorbike the day before.

             A. had lost                      B. lost                                C. has lost                         D. lose

12. Do you believe__________God?

             A. at                                 B. of                                   C. about                             D. in

13. Air and water are necessary__________us.

             A. of                                 B. for                                 C. with                               D. to

14. The beautiful woman has a busy__________life.

             A. society                        B. socialize                       C. social                            D. socializing

15. English has become the main language of__________.

             A. communication         B. communicate               C. communicant                D. communicative

16. Do you think doing the household chores is the__________of the women only?

             A. responsibly                B. responsible                  C. responsibility              D. responsive

17. He did some odd jobs at home__________.

             A. disappointment         B. disappointedly            C. disappointed                D. disappoint

18. “I have bought you a toy. Happy birthday to you!” –“__________”

             A. What a lovely toy! Thanks.                                B. Have a nice day!

             C. The same to you!                                                 D. What a pity!

19. “ Your hairstyle is terrific, Cindy” – “__________”

             A. It’s nice                      B. You’re welcome         C. Not at all                      D. Thanks, Peter

20. When students finish the secondary education, they have to take a(n)__________called GCSE.

             A. check                          B. examination                 C. interview                      D. test


ĐỀ 2

Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. prepared                          B. called                              C. expressed                     D. employed

2. A. should                             B. young                              C. couple                           D. rough

3. A. possible                           B. company                         C. job                                 D. responsible

Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.

4. A. experience                      B. concentrate                    C. enthusiasm                   D. certificate

5. A. interview                         B. interviewee                    C. interviewer                  D. industry

Choose the best answer to complete the blank in each of the following sentences.

6. In Vietnam, application forms for the National Entrance Examinations must be __________before the deadline, often in April.

             A. issued                       B. signed                             C. filed                              D. submitted

7. Points will be added to the Entrance Examination scores for those who hold an excellent high school__________.

             A. certificate                B. diploma                          C. qualification                D. degree

8. The world __________a better place if we had known a hundred years ago what we know about the earth’s environment.

             A. should be                 B. might be                          C. was                                D. will be

9. If the lecturer last night __________Dr. Mason, I would have listened carefully.

             A. were                          B. would be                         C. was                                D. had been

10. I _________Tom with me if I had known you and he didn’t get along well with each other.

             A. won’t bring              B. wouldn’t have brought C. Didn’t bring                 D. hadn’t brought

11. Remember to bring with you your school certificate and letters of __________from your teachers or your previous employers when you come to the interview.

             A. assignment              B. invitation                        C. recommendation         D. advertisement

12. It wasn’t an awful experience. It was the worst thing _________has ever happened to me.

             A. which                       B. that                                  C. what                              D. why

13. The party __________we went to last night was not very enjoyable.

             A. which                       B. when                               C. where                            D. what

14. At the end of this month, scientists at the institute will conduct their AIDS research, the results of __________will be published within 6 months.

             A. which                       B. whom                              C. that                                D. it

15. He read The Old Man and The Sea, a novel __________by Ernest Hemingway.

             A. written                      B. writing                            C. which wrote                 D. that written

16. Lien passed the oral test , __________pleased her parents.

             A. that                           B. which                              C. what                              D. it

17. This present will be given to __________can answer the last question.

             A. whomever                B. whoever                          C. whom                            D. who

18. He often gives me a lot of advice, most of __________are very useful.

             A. them                         B. whom                              C. that                                D. which

19. These new laws have laid legal grounds for __________inefficient co-operatives.

             A. dissolving                B. analyzing                        C dividing                         D. disarming.

20. With the strong __________of our party and Government to DoiMoi, we believe that we will build a better life for our people.

             A. promise                    B. commitment                   C. investment                   D. reaffirm

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