Bài tập tự luyện thi học kì 1 tiếng Anh lớp 7

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HỌC247 giới thiệu các em tài liệu giúp các em tự ôn tập chuẩn bị cho kì thi học kì 1: Bài tập tự luyện thi học kì 1 tiếng Anh lớp 7.

Fullname :…………………………..  KIỂM TRA HỌC KỲ I

Class: 7…                                               Năm học 2015-2016

                                                                 Thời gian 45 phút

I/ Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from others.

  1. A. talk             B. small                       C. all                            D. vacation
  2. A. where                     B. what                       C. who                        D. when
  3. A. books                      B. stops                       C. cuts             D. pens
  4. A. watches                  B. washes                    C. boxes                      D. writes
  5. A. hour                        B. horse                       C. holiday                   D. hurry

II/ Choose the best option to complete these sentenses.

6.Nam is a friendly student . He has…………friends.

  1. any      B. many           C. few             D. much

7.I like swimming and……..does my sister.

A.so               B. too              C. neither                    D. either

8.When I am away from home, I ……….my family very much.

A. love           B.miss C. like  D. hate

9.Hoa lives………..Ha noi,……….12 Tran Hung Dao Street.

A. in/ at           B. in/ in           C. at/ in           D. in/ on

10. ………..I speak to Mr.Kim? – Hold on a minute,please.

 A. Should                   B. Shall                       C. Can             D. Will

11. Her birthday is………..Friday, August 20th.

A. at                B. on               C.in                 D. by

12. She always comes to class on time. She is never…………for class.

A. late             B. early                        C. free             D. nervous

13. The party will…………..….about three hours.

A. start                        B. last              C. finish                      D. invite

14. ……………...awful food !

A. What          B. What a                    C. What an                  D. What’s

15. You look ………..in that dress.

A. love                        B. lovely                      C. loving                     D. lovelily


II/ Supply the correct  form of verbs (2 marks)

1. He often (play) _________________ volleyball in his free time.

2. Let’s (visit)_________________ our old friends tomorrow.

3.  Mai (do) __________________ her homework at the moment.

4.  She  (go) ____________________ to Nguyen Ba Ngoc school next year.

5. He ( do) _________________morning exercises regularly.

6. He (meet) __________________the dentist next week.

7. He (swim) ______________________ over there now.

8. She (come)_________________________ here next month.

C/ READING:(2 marks)        I/ Read the passage. Then answer the questions (1 mark)

     Quang Trung Junior High School is big. It is in the countryside. It is opposite the Culture House. It has three floors and ten classrooms. The schoolyard is large so students can do physical exercises and play there at recess. Classes always begin at a quarter past seven and end at a quarter past eleven in the morning, but in the afternoon classes start at 1.15 pm and finish at 5.15 pm. Students have to wear school uniforms when they go to school.


1.Where is Quang Trung Junior High School?


2.How many floors does it have?


3.Where can students play at recess?


     4. What do students have to wear at school?


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