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Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút

I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:

1. A. hear

B. dear

C. idea

D. leave

2. A. poor

B. soon

C. good

D. school

3. A. town

B. snow

C. cow

D. now

4. A. house

B. although

C. sound

D. about

II. Read the following paragraph then choose the best word to fill in each gap:

    Nowadays people are more aware that wildlife all over the world is in ___(5)___. Many species of animals are threatened and could easily become ___(6)___ if we do not make any effort to ___(7)___ them. In some case, animals are ___(8)___ for their fur, meat or other valuable parts of their bodies.

5. A. extinct

B. problem

C. danger

D. difficult

6. A. disappeared

B. extinct

C. empty

D. disliked

7. A. harm

B. make

C. safe

D. protect

8. A. looked

B. made

C. hunted

D. got


III. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

English is my mother tongue. Besides, I can speak French and Spanish. I studied the two languages when I was at high school. Now, I am still learning Spanish at university. As for me, mastering a foreign language is not easy. After studying a language, practice is very necessary and useful. Travelling to the country where the target language is spoken is very helpful, but if you cannot speak the language well enough you will certainly have troubles. I also frequently go to the movies, watch television, and listen to the radio in the language I am trying to learn. Reading is another good way to learn. Books are good, but I personally think newspapers and magazines are better. However, getting some knowledge of the language is the most important thing. Grammar and vocabulary should be mastered first.

9. The writer has learnt Spanish _______.

      A. at university in Spain                                       B. at high school in Spain                  

      C. at university and on travel                                D. at high school and at university    

10. Which way of learning the language is NOT mentioned in the passage?

      A. Listening to the radio in the language.            B. Reading books in the language.

      C. Seeing films in the language.                           D. Singing songs in the language.

12. According to the writer, what should we master first?

      A. Vocabulary and verbal skills.                          B. Vocabulary and grammar.

      C. Writing and listening skills.                              D. Reading and speaking


IV. Choose the part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting:

    13. If we don’t get tickets for the concert tonight, we’d stay at home.

                                       A      B                                    C           D

    14. We’d had given you a lift if you hadn’t had your bike with you.

             A      B                     C                     D

    15. Let's having some chicken soup first?

               A     B                  C                 D

    16. She couldn’t find out the solution unless she didn’t understand the problem.

                                    A       B                                              C               D

V. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences:

  17. If it were sunny, we ________ go out for a walk.

A. would

B. should

C. must

D. will

  18. You look so tired. You ______ go to bed early.

A. will

B. must

C. should

D. would

  19. Sea animals are divided ______ different groups.

A. for

B. into

C. in

D. to

  20. We should protect plants and animals of the sea to keep its ______.

A. resource

B. energy

C. existence

D. biodiversity

  21. Many plants and animals can be used as medicine ______ cancer, AIDS and other sicknesses.

A. by

B. against

C. for

D. with

  22. We can't clean up our _______ rivers and seas overnight.

A. polluted

B. polluting

C. pollute

D. pollution

  23. I _______ her since last week.

A. didn’t see

B. don’t see

C. haven’t seen

D. hasn’t seen

  24. Seventy-five percent of the earth's ______ are covered by sea and oceans.

A. resurface

B. flat

C. surface

D. face

  25. Unfortunately, I didn't have address. If I _______ it, I would have sent you a postcard.

A. had

B. had have

C. have had

D. had had

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