Hỏi đáp Unit 7 Tiếng Anh lớp 6 - Grammar - Ngữ pháp

Danh sách hỏi đáp (4 câu):

  • Spider man

    Hãy sửa các lỗi sai trong các câu sau đây (gạch chân lỗi sai rồi sửa lại sang bên cạnh )

    1 My parents is old but strong .

    2 He is a pilot but he is very big and tall

    3 I have a new book thick

    4 She reading in her room now

    5 My teacher don't play football

    6 We not have a big house

    7 Her mother have hair long and black

    8 He has a back eye

    9 My flat is have a small garden

    10 She can has a big house

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  • Duy Quang

    Rewrite the sentence

    1,My class has 24 tables.

    There are.......................

    2,the dog is behind the sheft.

    The sheft is in front....................

    3,the red bike is more expensive than the blue one

    Thr blue bike is..................

    4,nam is taller than any students in his class.

    Nam is the...............

    My dream house will have a hi-tech robot and an automatic dishwasher

    My dream house might..........

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  • Nguyễn Minh Hải

    Đánh giá những câu sau đây và sửa lỗi:

    1. Peter was unhappy because his result in the last exam he took.

    A. Right

    B. Wrong

    2. My father enjoys doing gardening in his spare time.

    A. Right

    B. Wrong

    4. Mike able to speak three languages.

    A. Right

    B. Wrong

    3. " I promised I don't make the mistake again" she said.

    A. Right

    B. Wrong

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  • Nguyễn Quang Minh Tú

    Choose the word which is pronounced diffently from the others:

    1.A.Chemistry B.Chair C.Couch D.Children

    2.A.student B.bus C.duty D.unit

    3.A.house B.about C.country D.our

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