Hỏi đáp Unit 4 Tiếng Anh lớp 6 - Grammar - Ngữ pháp


Danh sách hỏi đáp (12 câu):

  • Lan Ha

    rewrite these sentences :

    1) the baby will die ì you don't take him to the hospital


    2)what is your address, nma ?

    where .....

    3) if you don't pay the book to the library , you will be punnished


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  • Thu Hang

    1) Choose the correct compleion in the brackets.

    1. Is this ( your / yours) ---------------pen?

    2. Plese give this dictionary to Mary . It's ( her / hers)-----------------------.

    3. A: Don't forget(yours/ your) ---------------hat. Here you's(your/yours)...........................

    4,B: No , that's not(their/theirs) -------------.(Their/theirs) --------------car is dark blue.

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  • Bo Bo

    sentence building



    john/not like/beer

    Hoa and lan/like/music/

    what time/he/start work/



    studying/at the present/are/literature/we

    the children/the homework/are/now/doing?

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  • Dương  Quá

    Sắp xếp thành 1 đoạn hội thoại :

    A: Did you go to the doctor ?

    B: Yes, I'm fine now , thanks.

    C: Were you here last week , Phong.

    D: I had a sore throat and a headache

    E: Do you feel better now ?

    F: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. What was wrong?

    G: No ,I didn't I just stayed in bed.

    H: No , I wasn't , I didn't feel weel

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  • Lê Minh

    fill in the blank?

    bởi Lê Minh 11/09/2019

    my best is mai . she is eleven years old. we old (1) .............. the same class . she (2) .... tall , slim and she (3).......... a round face with long straight black hair. she is hard-working and (4).... . she always has new ideas . she likes (5) ..... to music and reading comics . she learns math and physics very well so she often helps me with my homework . i love her very much

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  • Lê Nhật Minh

    use the words given to completesentences

    (sử dụng các từ cho trước để hoàn thành câu)


    2 There/lot/morern/houses/center/city

    3 It/two kilometers/the east/Dak Doa town

    4 Living city/interesting/than/living country

    5Where/is/good/restaurant/this town?

    6 There/not/many trees/my neighbourhood

    7 We/mustn't/drive/the lelf/Viet Nam

    8 June/hot/May/but/July/the/hot

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  • Lan Anh

    " tôi phải nghỉ học " tiếng anh ntn ???

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  • Suong dem

    Trả lời câu hỏi hộ mình :

    1.What is your first class on mon day?

    2.what is your second on tuesday?

    3.what is your third class on thursday?

    4.what is your fifth class on friday?

    Cảm ơn các bạn nha

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  • thu hằng

    2.Put the words into two geoups (/OU/AND/^/)



















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  • Dương Minh Tuấn

    hãy nêu tên từ loại của các câu dưới đây

    1. I love you

    2. she sings beautifully

    3.he is intelligent but lazy favourite subject is english because it is useful

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  • Mai Đào

    VII-Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the adjectives in brackets

    1.Our theatre is ........... than our cinema BIG

    2.Museums are ............. than art galleries INTERESTING

    3.The market is ....... than the shopping centre. CHEAP

    4.The amusement park is ........ than the swimming pool NOISY

    5.The French restaurant in our town is ........... than the Italian restaurant EXPENSIVE

    6.Sundays are ........ than Saturdays BORING

    7.My mum is ...... than my dad. BUSY

    8.My new school is .................. than my old school MODERN

    VII-Complete the second sentences with the correct form of the opposite adjective

    1. The museum is bigger than the art gallery

    the art gallery ................ The museum

    2. The sports centre is more expensive than the swimming pool

    the swimming pool .............. The sports centre

    3. The market is older than the shopping centre

    the shopping centre ............ The market

    4. The skate park is noisier than the amusing park

    the amusing park ................... The skate park

    5. The food here is worse than my cooking !

    my cooking .......... The food here

    6. The kitchen is darker than the living room

    the living room ................ The kitchen

    7. I'm quieter than my brother

    my brother ................ I'm

    8.My computer is newer than my mobile phone

    my mobile phone ............ .My computer

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  • Nguyễn Hạ Lan

    CHO DẠNG TO BE ĐÚNG VÀO _____________________

    1, Nam often______(go) to the movies on Sunday.

    2, I (travel)___________ to Vung Tau tomorrow.

    3, Nga (watch)________ TV every evening.

    4, They(play)_________ soccer at moment.

    5, We(go)________ to the cinema tonight.

    6, She(play)_________ badminton in the morning.

    7, What_________he (do)_______this weekend?

    Ai làm đc bài nì mình sẽ kb luôn

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