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Mời gia nhập Biệt đội Ninja247

  • minh thuận

    Viết 1 đoạn văn ngắn từ 5 đến 7 về sở thích đọc sách bằng tiếng anh

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  • Mai Vàng

    My mother always MADE me TO WASH my hands BEFORE EVERY meal.
    correct and explain

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  • Lê Bảo An

    use the past simple of the verbs in blackes

    1.jet engines(make)a lot of noise

    2.i(live)in hanoi , i(live)in hung yen last year

    3.the water (cover) two cities of my country last year

    4.she (read)books before going to bed yesterday

    5.loud music (give)me a headache

    6.we(not come)to canada.we (come)to usa

    7.mr long(work)on monday

    8.they (go)to work last year

    9.lan(get)a letter from lien last week

    10.mai and long(go)to hn with their parents yesterday

    11.i(meet) nam last week and he (introduce)his friends to me

    12.they(live)there 5 years ago

    13.we (speak)english badly last year

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  • Nguyễn Anh Hưng

    Write a paragraph about: Facebook good or bad

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  • bich thu

    He packed _______ his job and went travelling in Nepal.

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  • Mai Bảo Khánh

    chuyển từ tt-gt

    "It will be difficult for us to do this task" He said to them

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  • hà trang

    What will home robots do in the future

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  • Nguyễn Bảo Trâm

    Test8: Complete each second sentence using the word given so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

    1. We’ll get home and then we’ll have something to eat. (got)
      We’ll have something to eat ……..home
    2. I’ll finish marking the exams and then I’ll tell you results. (soon)
      I’ll tell you the results …….. marking the exams.
    3. You’ll be travelling across the Sahara next week so remember to wear lots of sunscreen (while)
      Remember to wear lots of sunscreen…..across the Sahara next week!
    4. They’ll show Titan at the cinema and then they’ll release the DVD. (before)
      They won’t release the DVD ……. at the cinema.
    5. My science exam starts at ten tomorrow morning. (taking)
      At ten past ten tomorrow,….. my science exam.
    6. Let’s watch the space documentary before we have supper. (watched)
      Let’s have supper …….the space documentary.
    7. I’ll send out all invitations before lunchtime. (have)
      By lunchtime, …….all the invitations.
    8. Do some revision and then I’ll give you a test. (until)
      I won’t give you a test …….. some revision.
    9. When you visit us, we’ll have moved into our new house. (by)
      We’ll have moved into our new house ……you visit us.
    10. We’ll get some more information and then we’ll make a decision. (once)
      Let’s make a decision ….got some more information.
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  • Tram Anh

    Viết câu ko đổi nghĩa
    1. He forgot about the gun until he got home.
    => Not until
    2. This is the most interesting book I've ever read.
    => I've never
    giúp mik zs mik cần gấp ạ

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  • Bo Bo

    Turn the following into inverted sentences

    1.The matter could be explained in no other way (in no way)

    2.We had hardly started when it began to rain (hardly)

    3.I have seldom haerd such beautiful singing (seldom)

    4.I shall never forget your findness (never)

    5.I saw only then the danger we were in (only after)

    6.We had no sooner left the house than it exploded (no sooner)

    7.He didn't realize that he had lost they key till he got home (not until)

    8.They not only rebbed you, they smashed everything (not only)

    9.Hafl a dozen apples fell down (down)

    10.If an emergency should arise, dial 999 (should)

    11.If Rex were a little more hardworking, he would not have failed (little)

    12.If Mr Chan had been kinder to his employees, his business would not have collapsed (had)

    13.She had never been so disappointed before (never)

    14.I have neve known such a generous person (never)

    15.Public borrowing has seldom been so high (seldom)

    16.They had seldom participated in such a fascinating ceremony (seldom)

    17.They little suspected that the musical was going to be a runaway success (little)

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  • Suong dem

    Đề bài:Make one sentence from two.Use who/which.

    2.A man told me you were away.He answered the phone.

    3.A waitress was very impolite and impatient She served us.

    4.A building was destroyed in the fire.It has now been rebuilt.

    5.A bus goes to the airport.It runs every half hour.

    6.I saw the man.he closed the door.

    7.the girl is happy.she won the race.

    8.the student is from china .He sits next to me.

    9.we are studying sentence .They contain adjective clauses.

    10.the taxi driver was friendly .he took me to the airport.

    11.the woman was polite.she answered the phone.

    12.the man has a good voice.he sang at the concert.

    13.we enjoyed the actors.they played the leading roles.

    14.the girl is hurt .shr fell down the stairs.

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  • Nguyễn Thị Thanh

    1. "Did you like the novels that i gave you last week?"

    -"_______ the novels that I've read, I enjoyed this one the most"

    a. All of

    b. Of all ?

    c. for all

    d. From all

    2/ The radio is ______ loud. I can't hear the noise

    a. too many

    b. too much ?

    d. lot much

    3. His greatest ambition is _______ (choose) _________ (take part) in the Olympics London 2012

    -> to be chosen/ to take part

    Tại sao mình lại chia là to be chosen vậy, mình nghĩ là chosen là được rồi

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