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Mời gia nhập Biệt đội Ninja247

  • bui viet ha

    1.your application form.....by next friday.

    a.is to be submitted

    b.is submitting

    c.is submitted

    d.is going to submit


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  • Ngọc Ánh

    Kể tên 20 nhóm nhạc nữ và nhóm nhạc nam của hàn quốc

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  • Nguyễn thị Duyên

    Those probes appear to be for the control of something other than the sun’s gravity

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  • Tuyết Nhi

    First our team should identify ______ specific need in the community and then carry out a project to address that need.
    A. an
    B. Ø
    C. a
    D. the

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  • Vũ Thịnh

    II/ Jane is sitting in the restaurant alone.

    Is Jane sitting with a friend ?

    No, she isn’t. She is sitting in a restaurant alone.

    Who is Jane sitting with?

    She is sitting with no one. Jane is sitting in the restaurant alone.

    Is Jane sitting in a hotel ?

    No, Jane sitting in the restaurant.


    Tại sao trong đoạn trên lúc thì in the restaurant, lúc lại in a restaurant. 

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  • vân anh

    dịch đoạn văn

    bởi vân anh 05/12/2018

    Paris Builds Zero-Carbon Future with Social Conscience

    Arrayed between elegant stone buildings and run-down railway tracks in the northwest of Paris lie bustling playgrounds, plant-filled ponds and stretches of lush grass. The Clichy-Batignolles area, a former industrial wasteland, has morphed into the French capital's first "eco-neighborhood," billed as a model of sustainable development for the rest of the city.

    Clarisse Genton, project coordinator for the Clichy-Batignolles district, said it aims to be "environmentally responsible" — with solar panels on homes and clean geothermal energy for heating, for example. But the eco-effort also has a social aim: to address the city's affordable housing crisis and ensure green benefits reach the poor as well as the rich. "We wanted to create a district that's accessible to all and to bridge the gap between poor and rich parts of the city," said Genton, referring to the neighboring posh district of Monceau and the poorer La Fourche.

    Paris is one of more than 70 cities worldwide that have pledged to become "carbon neutral" by 2050, meaning they will produce no more climate-changing emissions than they can offset, such as by planting carbon-absorbing trees. Each is going about achieving the goal in its own way. But because cities account for about three-quarters of carbon dioxide emissions, according to the U.N., and consume more than two-thirds of the world's energy, whether they succeed or fail will have a huge impact on whether the world's climate goals are met.

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  • Cao Ngan

    Trong 3 câu này câu nào đúng ạ

    The effective uses of  nonverbal communication

    Effective uses of  nonverbal communication

    Effective nonverbal communication


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  • Phạm Minh

    what_____ we do if they do not come tomorrow

    A would  B will C did D had

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  • Tran Mai Ngoc

    choose the correct answer.

    given the rapid growth of our population ,there is a___ need to improve our infrastructure.

    A. pressing

    B. huge

    C. catastrophic


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  • Vũ Ngọc Hà

    when childen/reach/age/ 6/they/must/go/primary school

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  • Tiên Nhật

    ..... the dance, jerry siad goodbye to his girlfriend 
    A. before left 
    B. before he leaves 
    C. before leaving 
    D. before he will leave 
    cbo em hỏi đáp án tại sao là C mà không phải là A vậy ạ  , 

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  • Xuan Xuan

    Give the correct form of the words in brackets

    1. In her ____________ she was a well-known athlete. (young)

    2. English is a ___________ difficult language for us to learn. (compare)

    3. During wars civilians may be __________ to obtain food, water, shelter and medical care. (able)

    4. The ___________ need assistance from the whole society. (poverty)

    5. Our ___________ will arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport at 6.30. (fly)

    6. The boy felt quiet ______________ with his examination results. (satisfy)

    7. After the earthquake, very few people were found to be ___________ (live)

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