Write a paragraph about disadvantages of the Internet

Write a paragraph about disadvantages of the Internet !!!

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  • In my opinion, the Internet has three major drawbacks. Firstly, when you surf the Internet, your personal information, such as name, address and account can be accessed by hackers. For instance, if you use credit cards to shop online, your card information can be stolen, and then money in your account may be used up. Secondly, pornography is another serious issue, especially for teenage users. Due to the easy access to pornographic websites, teenagers may be incited to act out sexually. According to Dr. Jennings Bryant, 31 percent of male and 18 percent of female high school students admitted imitating some acts in pornography. Lastly, computers with Internet connection are likely to be infected with viruses which disrupt their normal function. It is hard to prevent virus infection although we use anti-virus programs. To sum up, information leakage, negative influences of pornography on teenagers and virus threat are three main disadvantages of using the Internet.

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