turn into active 1. The gate is painted once a year ->...

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II/ turn into active

1. The gate is painted once a year


2. Food is sold on the sidewalk

-> ...

3. She waw written a long letter


4. Rice isn't planted in that country

-> ...

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  • II/ turn into active

    1. The gate is painted once a year

    ->they paint the gate once a year

    2. Food is sold on the sidewalk

    -> they sell food on the sidewalk

    3. She waw written a long letter

    ->someone wrote her a long letter

    4. Rice isn't planted in that country

    ->they don't plant rice in that country

    bởi Trịnh Huyền 21/01/2019
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  • Nguyễn Thủy Tiên

    Chữa lỗi sai :
    1. Every year, a large amount of money are spent on charity
    A B C D
    2. The passengers told to fasten their seat belt as the plane began to take off
    A B C D
    4. Each year many people voluntary take care of the old and disabled
    A B C D
    4. She hasn't got an idea where should she hold her birthday party
    A B C D
    5. Some animal activities, such as mating, migration , and hibernate have a yearly circle
    A B C D
    6. Only when Nora has arrived that we can begin the programme
    A B C D
    7.Having had a good rest, the cowboy set out to cover other twenty miles
    A B C D
    8. Air pollution, together with llittering, are causing many problems in our large, industrial cities today
    A B C D
    9. He doesn't buy a ticket every day so he has a season ticket
    A B C D
    10. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first man to go in to space and orbiting the Earth
    A B C D

    HELP ME, PLS !! ;; ;;

  • Duy Quang

    She didn't say a word as she left the room

    => she left..........

  • bach dang

    Giúp Mình Mấy Câu Này Nha:

    Please tell me ___ to get to the bus station.

    She is studying hard.... pass the final exam.

    My office is ........... to a bank.

    Hoa works very ____ so she always gets good marks.

    I received a letter ____ your aunt last week.

    There are ............ pollution from factories nowadays than long time ago.

    Tony was sent to school at the ___ of six.

    Alexander Graham Bell worked with people who could neither speak ___ hear.

    We may know the land well, but we know very............ about the oceans

    The film I saw yesterday was very b_____. I went home in the middle.

    The coloured liquid inside a pen is called ’___’.

    It ___ raining heavily when I got up in the morning.

    There are two churches in the town and ____ of them are extremely old.

    Life in the country is different ____ life in the city.

    My uncle often ______ his free time doing volunteer work at a local orphanage.

    I tried my ____ not to laugh, but I couldn’t.

    It is not good for Peter to see the honor film because he is ___ young.

    Alexander G. Bell worked with people ___ could neither speak nor hear.

    She is very busy ____ the children and housework.

    ___ did Hoa go to school late this morning? - Because she missed the bus.

    Jeans are very popular with young people ___ over the world.

    I can’t go for a walk now. I ____ do my homework.

    Could you __ upstairs every half hour to check the baby’s alright?

    There aren’t many good programs ___ teenagers.

  • minh vương

    I.Join each of the following pairs of sentences with " and " , " but " or " so " Do not change the order of the words .

    1. I told a loke . Nobody laugd


    2. Shw had a shoer . She washed her hair .


    3. Last night's storm damaged the power lines . The town was without electricity for several hours .


    4. The city suffers from air pollution .The city suffers from water pollution .



    Coal is a valuable natural resource . Oil is a valuable natural resource.


    6. We must do whatever we can in order to conserve oil . Oil is a valuable natural resource .


    7. The Bakers want to use solar energy . The Bakers don't know how to install the solar pannel on the roof their house .


    8. I knew her family . I did what I could for her


    9. They have decided to cut down on the number of lights in their house . They want to save energy


    10. We can't afford energy - saving light bulbs . The light builbs are too expensive .


    help me >< giup e may cau nay voi

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    Exercise 1: Choose the best answer

    1. Albert Einstein was ….famous scientist

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    2. Albert Einstein was born in ….Germany n 1879

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    3. Albert Einstein won …..Nobel Prize in physics in 1921

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    4. Albert Einstein left his country and live in ….States until he died in 1955

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    5. Albert Einstein is known for his theory of … Relatively

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    6. Roentgen was ….Germany physist who discover X-Ray

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    7. Roentgen won ….1901 Nobel Prize

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    8. Mandela was born in ….South Africa

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    9. Mandela was …first president elected in ….South Africa after ….Apartheid was revoked

    a. a-the-the b. the-X-X c. a-X-the d. the-the-the

    10.Mandela was imprisoned for ….nearly 30 years for his anti-Apartheid activities

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    11. Mother Teresa was ….Roma Catholic nun

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    12. Mother Teresa became famous for her hard work with …poor

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    13. She was …founded of ….order of nuns called the Missionaries of Charity

    a. a-an b. a-X c. the-X d. the-an

    14. Mother Teresa livd in …..Calcutta,India

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

    15. Mother Teresa received …..her Nobel peace price in 1979

    a. a b. an c. the d. X

  • khanh nguyen

    chuyển các câu sau thành câu bị động

    1, someone will tell him that news

    2, they have sent enough money to those poor boys

    3, they have giiven the women in most countries in the work the right to vote

    4, they think that he has died a natural death

    5, some people bliieve that 13 is an lucky number

    6,why did not they help him ?

    7,how many games has the team played ?

    8, who are they keeping in the kitchen ?

  • thu hằng

    Sting …….. bite ……….. quite ……….. cling ……… feel …………. mean …….. swim ……. blow

    1.I broke a tooth when I ……….. into a piece pf hard candy

    2.The little boy ….to his mother’s hand as they walked toward the school bus.

    3. Maria promised to help us. I hope she….what she said.

    4. we both….smoking three months ago, and we already feel much better.

    6. douglas………….the outside of his pocket to make sure his wallet was still there.

    7. A bee ……………me on the hand while I was working in the garden.

    8. Mathew webb was the first person who……..across trhe english Channel

    Baif 2.

    1.Kuala Lumpur is the ………city in Malaysia. (large)

    2. Islam is Malaysia’s…………religion.( office)

    3. the……..language in Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia.( nation)

    4. Eng lish is a …..second language in Malaysia.(compulsion)

    5. Lan and Maryam…..at least one every two weeks.( correspondence)

    6. Maryam was really……..by the beauty of Hanoi.(impress)

  • Nguyễn Lê Thảo Trang

    people/ same country/ wear/ different kinds/ clothes.​

    clothes/ help show/ work they do/ and whether/ rich/ poor.

    in/ old times/ poor working people/ wear very simple clothes/ while/ at work.

    on/ other hand/ rich people/ wear more elaborate, colourful clothes.

  • An Nhiên

    1. I/start/think/about/work/the/video/game/industry/when/I/be/fifteen.

    2. She/write/me/and/send/her/CV/last year.

    3. I/have to/spend/lot of/time/the/road/or/at/airport.

    4. My job/be/to/count/how many/lions/elephants/there were/a/certain/area.

    5.Decide/what/you/be/go/wear/ the night/before/interview.

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  • Lê Minh Hải

    Topic2 : Way of reducing pollution at your school

    Topic3: Can you talk about an english speaking country

    Giúp vs ạ chiều nay học rồi