A: What did you do last night? B: Well, I was very tired, so I went to bed very early.

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  • Ex1:
    1. A: school 2. D: religion

    3. C: wear 3. C: wanted


    1. C: lived 2. D: were

    3. C: have worked 4: A: since

    5. B: Did/ study 6: C: have seen/ were


    1. I wish Nga was very goog at English.

    2. I wish the weather wasn't awful today.

    3. What a pity, I wish I understand the question.


    1. A: What did you do last night?

    B: Well, I was very tired, so I went to bed very early.

    2. In the 1980s a lot of people wore jeans and jeans ... high fashion clothing.

    3. We moved to HCM city and have lived there for 15 years.

      bởi Mai Trần Hải Triều 03/06/2019
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  • 1-5. Pick out the word whose underlined and bold part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
    1.A. considerate             B. congratulate                   C. decorate                         D. profitable
    2.A. chopstick                B. charity                            C. champagne                    D. champion
    3.A. where                      B. her                                  C. were                               D. person
    4.A. student                    B. lunar                               C. humor                             D. pupil
    5.A. ancient                    B. special                            C. celebrate                        D. ocean
    6-10. Pick out the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.
    1.A. charity                     B. active                              C. generous                        D. parade
    2.A. special                    B. important                       C. decorate                         D. festival
    3.A. apart                        B. freedom                          C. slavery                           D. celebrate
    4.A. priority                   B. congratulate                   C. nominate                        D. towards
    5.A. acquaintance          B. considerate                    C. celebrate                         D. important
    II/ Fill in each blank with a suitable relative pronoun: who/ whom/which/whose
    1.This is the man__________ daughter won the spelling bee. (cuộc thi đánh vần)  
    2.People ________don’t get enough sleep may become short-tempered and irritable. (nóng tính và cáu kỉnh)
    3.I didn’t ask the name of the man_______I was talking to on the phone.
    4.The exercise _______I am doing now is very interesting.
    5.The hat _______Peter is wearing is very funny.
    6.That’s the singer_______photo appeared in the morning newspaper.
    7.Tell us about the movie_______you saw last night.
    8.The girl_______has curly blonde hair is my penpal.
    9.He is a person _______everyone can trust.
    10.I like the scarf _______my mother bought for me on my birthday.  
    III / Combine each pair of the following sentences, using the relative pronoun given in brackets.
    11.11.The girl is happy. She won the race. (who)
    1.12.You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it. (which)
    1.13.Anita is the little girl. She is wearing a pink skirt. (who)
    1.14.Romeo and Juliet were lovers. Their parents hated each other. (whose)
    1.15.We went to the play last night. We enjoyed the play very much. (which)
    1.16.This is Mr.Green. His son won the championship last night. (whose)
    1.17.I made a birthday card for my father. My father loves the cards very much. (which)
    1.18.The students are working in the school garden. They are in the ninth form. (who)
    19.Swimming makes people healthy. It is a good sport. (which)
    20.The world was to be great adventures for him. He knew very little about the world. (which)

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  • Find mistake and correct it: My new car is smaller, so it uses fewer petrol than yours

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  • sắp xếp important / clean / it / keep / the/ is/very environment /to

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  • Chuyển câu trực tiếp sang câu gián tiếp

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  • Câu ngoài

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  • 1. " Can you read the English News?" The teacher said

    - the teacher asked....

    2. Mary said : " Are you reading book, Nam?" ( use asked )

    3. " Do the boys play soccer in this yard?" she said ( use asked)

    4. The doctor said to me " Lan you put your hands up?"



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  • I.Choose the word(A,B,C,D)that best completes the sentences

    1.Nam is not______ to be in my class
    A.very old B.old enough C.too old D.enough old
    III. Choose the words or phrases that needs correction

    1. They have lived in the country since ten years

    A.have lived B.in the country C.since D.ten years

    2.We enjoy to go for a walk in the morning

    A.enjoy B.to go C.for a walk D.in the morning

    3.Nam must helps his mother do the housework

    A.must B.helps C.do D.the housework

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  • form 's câu ước loại 1

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  • I. Complete the sentences . Use the simple past or the past continuous

    1. When I ........... ( arrive ) home from work , she still ......... ( sleep )

    2. As me ......... ( cross ) the street , we ............ ( see ) an accident

    3. When the bell .......... ( ring ) , Tom .......... ( take ) a bath

    4. She ............. ( study ) in the library last night

    5. When Mary .......... ( leave ) the house this morning , it ............. ( rain ) very hard

    6. I ............... ( mail ) the letters while peter ......... ( talk ) on the phone

    7. The burglar ....... ( take ) my TV when I ........... ( come ) home

    8. The Titanic ............. ( travel ) to New York when it hit an iceberg and ...........( sink ) in the Atlantic

    9. When we ....... ( arrive ) at the meeting , Mr.Park ......... ( make ) a speech

    10. My dog .......... ( walk ) along quietly when a stranger .......... ( attack ) him

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  • This is the first time my brother went aboad.

    -> My brother has...........................................

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  • Chuyển sang bị động

    1. Don't speak until someone speaks to you.


    2. The feed animals vegetables and meat.


    3. Has John studied French for 7 years ?


    4. She was washing her clothes when her mother came.


    5. Don't the children beat the dog.

    P/s : M.n giúp mình vs, mình camon <3

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  • 1.The magazine is very interesting . You lent it to me

    2.was the hat very expensive ? you were wearing it yesterday

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  • 1. He looked frightened as if he (see) a ghost.

    2. Tom suggested (climb) to the top of the building for a better view of the fireworks display.

    3. Last night we (watch) television when the power (fail).

    4. The meat (taste) better if it (not cook) so long.

    5. She was sure that she (slip) out of the house unnoticed while the others (dance).

    6. Hardly he (take) up the book when the phone (ring).

    7. We (be) in this class for 6 years next September.

    8. I’d rather (be) unemployed than (work) for him.

    9. He (wait) until the guest (leave) the room and then (sit) down at the desk.

    10. When we came in, a meal (already prepare) for us.

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  • Complete the following tag questions. 1. There's a new cartoon, 2. They don't want to sell their house.. 3. This machine never works very well 4. Your parents should stay in the hotel, 5. We can't go camping today.6. I am late, 7. Let's go to Lan's house,... 8. I think that is an overcrowded bus,... 9. You grandparents don't prefer living in the city 10. The tourists will never be allowedto visit the slums again, 11. I'm unable to solve that problem alone, 12. Dharavi used to be a fishing village with only three thousand pcople, 2 2 2 .. 13. Her brother has lived in Jakarta for more than tenyears,........ 14. These houses cannot provide enough accommodation.... 15. His sister works for a big foreign company in the city,.. ..?a tuiin inthis city in 2010

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  • Write a sentence with "if" gor each situation

    12, It might rain. If it does, everyone can eat inside.


    13, We don't visit you very often bacause you live so far away.


    14, Margaret wasn't injured in the crash bacuse she was wearing a seat belt.


    15, I have to work tomorow evening, so I can't meet you.


    16, I don't know anything about plubing, so I didn't fix the leak in the sink myself.


    17, Is Matthew goin to enter the race? He'll probably win it.


    18, We should have bought that picture five years ago because it would be quite valuable now.


    19. I feel better now because you talked to me aboyt my problems last night.


    20, Carol didn't answer the phone because she was studying.


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  • 1. My brother was feeling tired last night, so he went to bed ... usual.

    A. more early than

    B. as early as

    C. more earlier as

    D. earlier than

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  • 21. She is soaked because she doesn't bring a raincoat with her
    -> If.........
    22. They'll take you to the airport.
    -> You.......
    23.We last saw him 2 years ago.
    -> We........
    24. The football match attracts us.
    -> We........
    27. " We do a lot of work today".
    -> They said.....................

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  • Mọi người giúp mình câu này với ạ

    1.'Do you want the job?'

    -->They wondered whether she

    2.'Are you willing to work on Saturday?'

    -->He asked me

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  • The doctor ( examine) him, and (find) that he (break) his arm

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