1. English is spoken all over the world

bởi Mai Trang 03/06/2019

Làm giúp mk nhaBài tập Tiếng anh


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  • 1. English is spoken all over the world

    2. I wish I weren't sad

    3.Nam's work has been finished

    4.They wish they had got high marks

    bởi Huỳnh Văn Thiện 03/06/2019
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  • khanh nguyen

    Viết câu sử dụng gợi ý

    1. We/often/ go/ picnic/ Christmas


    2. He/ used/ give/ me/ postcards/ my birthday


  • Anh Nguyễn

    write a short paragraph about the festival you like best

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    viết một đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh về chợ hoa ngày tết

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    viết về 1 ngày lễ mà em bt bằng tiêng anh

    mk cần gấp nha các bn

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    write about one of the festival you know well

  • thu phương

    Câu 1: Join these sentences using relative clause

    1. Look at the girl.She is wearing a white dress


    2, That is the picture of his town. He grew up in that town


    3. Mr.Quang wil be here soon. He will be able to help us


    4. Nhung has some tests. Her health hasn't been good recently.


    5. Viet is one of my closest friends. I have known him for 9 years


    6. The storm caused a lot of damage. Nobody had been expecting the storm

    7. This is Mrs Jone. Her son won the championship last year.


    8. The car had had brakes. We were in this car


    9. The man was sitting at the desk. I had come to see this man


    10. I saw several bouses. Most of them were quite unsuitable


    11. Tom came to the party in patched jeans. This surprised other guests


    12. This is a story of a man. His wife suddenly loses her memory


    13. The company is sending me to Newyork. I work for this company


    14. They gave me four cakes. One of them was spoiled


    15. This bed looks very old. It belongs to Mr.Pike


    16. Romeo and Juliet were lovers. Their parents haed each pther


    17. Jam has now sold the old car. She was given it by her parents


    18. The house is for sale. It is next to ours


    19. Most of the forests have old farm house. He is rebuilding it


  • Phong Vu

    He doesn't know who he is.

    A. He wishes he knew who he is.

    B. He wish he knew who he is.

    C. He wishes he knows who he was.

    D. He wishes he knew who he were.

    Chọn câu nào vậy mng :(

  • Lê Vinh

    i/be/pleaded/here/that/you/your farmily/well

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    Hãy tả một người mà em love bàng english

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    Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others. (0.5 pt)

    1. A. politics B. literature C. chemistry D. statistics

    2. A. likeable B. oxygen C. museum D. energy

    3. A. apology B. stupidity C. generously D. astronomy

    4. A. television B. distinguish C. immediate D. acquaintance

    5. A. experience B. introduce C. determine D. appliance

  • Mai Trang

    Làm giúp mk nhaBài tập Tiếng anh

  • bala bala

    27. Peter can swim and Mary can, too

    Peter can swim and so _________________________________________________________________

    28. I don’t like horror films and my sister doesn’t, either

    I don’t like horror films and neither _______________________________________________________

    29. John hasn’t seen the new movie yet, and neither have I

    John hasn’t seen the new movie yet, and ___________________________________________________

    30. Jane goes to that school, and so does my sister

    Jane goes to that school, and ____________________________________________________________

    31. Jane and my sister go to that school

    Jane goes to that school, and_____________________________________________________________

    32. You and I aren’t happy.

    You aren’t happy, and _________________________________________________________________

    33. I don’t speak French and neither do my brothers

    I don’t speak French and _______________________________________________________________

    34. She has studied Spanish and her friend has, too

    She has studied Spanish and ____________________________________________________________

    35. Thomas doesn’t know that word and his brother doesn’t, either

    Thomas doesn’t know that word and _____________________________________________________

  • hồng trang

    Viết một đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh nhân ngày của Cha

  • thu hảo

    Mọi người giúp mình với, mình đang cần gấp, xin cảm ơn ạ

    V/ rewrite each of the sentences so that the meaning stays the same

    1. It is time for you to learn to look after yourself

    -> it ia high time you..

    2. Please stay at home this Christmas

    -> i would rather you...

    3. Please help your mother with housework

    -> i would rather...

    4. It is time for the children to go to bed

    -> it is high time the...

    5. They haven't seen her for five years

    -> they last..

    6. How long has he lived in this city?

    -> how long ago..

    7. I haven't met them for a year

    -> i last..

    8. Ahe has worked in this factory since 2001

    -> she started...

    9. They are getting excited about their holiday

    -> they are looking..

    10. The last time we visited Hanoi was two years ago

    -> it is....

  • Tuấn Huy

    1. After (shout).... for help, she (take).... off her shoes and (jump).... in (save).... him

    2. The performance (begin).... at 7 o' clock and (last).... for three hours. We all (enjoy).... it

    3. '' You (find).... the key which you (lose).... yesterday?''. ''Yes. I (find).... it in the pocket of my other coat

    4. He (light)..... a cigarette and (walk) yhe window

    5. He greeted her. She really (look).... better than when he (see)..... her last. Yes, she (change).....

    (HELP ME!!)

  • Hoa Lan

    1/ A plumber is going to check the pipes for Mrs.Brown next Sunday
    -> Mr Brown is going to have the.............
    2/ "congratulation! You scored a wonderful goal" Linda told Owen
    -> Linda congratulated..................
    3/ Mary didn't go to the party last night because she was extremely busy
    -> Mary was too..........
    4/ Neil Amstrong first walked on the moon in the 60s of last century
    -> The first man to.........
    5/ We are going to hold our wedding feast in White Palace
    -> We are going to have..............
    6/ This important book consists of a list of endangered animals
    -> This book,...........
    7/ My sister is proud that she is such a famous designer.
    -> My sister prides............
    8/ Peter and Van are the same age
    -> Peter is as..........
    9/ I haven't seen him for a long time
    -> The last time he............
    10/ The car is too expensive for me to buy
    -> The car is so..........

  • Nguyễn Thị Lưu

    7. More than a hundred species of animal has_____in the last 200 years ( appear)
    8. Nuclear energy can provide enough____For the world's need for hundreds of years (electric)

    9. We use solar energy for our _____life ( day)
    10. Solar energy is not only ____but also clean and safe ( plenty)
    11. Grass for animals is a ____resource( new)
    12. The total energy____in 2005 was over 150 million tons ( consume)

  • Bánh Mì

    I . There is a mistake in each of these sentences . Underline the mistake and then correct it

    1. First she asked me what my name was , and where I come from ?

    2. Oh , Paola ! Let me try remembering

    3. I disagree because we can't practice to speak English with native speakers

    4. '' Do you like pop music ? '' she asked me do I liked pop music

    5. You'd better learn in heart all the new words

    6. The teacher asked me translated a passage into Vietnamese

    7. When he was as Sandra's flat yesterday , Martin asked if he can use the phone

    8. Do you know where has Tom gone ?

    9. Tom said me that you were ill

    10. An promised she will be there on time

  • Lê Gia Bảo

    You mustn't leave your luggage ............................for even a moment on the train(attend)

  • hành thư

    Mọi người giúp mình với, mình đang cần gấp, xin cảm ơn ạ

    II/ supply the correct word form

    1. Wearing casual clothes make students fell (comfort)....

    2. He always feels self- (confidence) his actions

    3. They have just (introduction)................ a new style of jeans in the USA

    4. We have to (improvement)............... all the school in the city

    5. (Compulsion).............. education is necessary

    6. The boy afraid of his father, so he goes to school (compulsion)..............

    7. Some designers have (modern)........... the ao dai by printing lines of poetry on it

    8. She (invitation)............. Maryam to HaNoi next year