Chuyển câu bị động sang câu chủ động: Mrs. Green was mending the ladder at ten yesterday

chuyển câu bị động sang câu chủ động

20.       Mrs. Green was mending the ladder at ten yesterday.


21.      The chief engineer was instructing all the workers of the plant.


22.       Mr. Han is going to visit Hanoi on his work next week.


23.       This company will organize an art exhibition next month.


24.       Nguyen Hue School will hold the English-speaking contest on next Friday.


25.       Tom will return those books back to the library tomorrow.


26.       The postman will deliver newspaper to him next week.


27.       They can’t make tea in cold water.


28.      You must clean the floor before you paint it.


29.       The girl has to decide to study law or pharmacy.


30.       People can’t learn a foreign language in this week.  


31.      Nick will bring the pizzas to our house.


32.      You can’t make tea in cold water.  


33.      They are digging some holes in the garden.  


34.      Did you receive your visa yesterday.  


35.      He has spelt the word wrongly.  


36.      She was doing the homework at 4 yesterday.  


37.      They were preparing the meals when I arrived home.


38.      The zookeeper feeds the animals at the zoo every day.


39.      Should they help Timothy with cooking dinner ?


40.      The managers have copied the file since you left the company.


41.      They are going to steal your money if you are not careful.


42.      The thief broke thewindow .


43.      For centuries, poets, writers and musicians have mentioned ao dai in poems, novels and songs.


44.      They are going to plant some flowers in our school yard next week.


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  • 20.       Mrs. Green was mending the ladder at ten yesterday.

    The ladder was being mended at ten yesterday by Mrs. Green.

    21.      The chief engineer was instructing all the workers of the plant.

    All the workers of the plant were being instructed by the chief engineer.


    22.       Mr. Han is going to visit Hanoi on his work next week.

    Hanoi is going to be visited on Mr. Han's work next week.

    23.       This company will organize an art exhibition next month.

    An art exhibition will be organized next month by the company.

    24.       Nguyen Hue School will hold the English-speaking contest on next Friday.

    The English-speaking contest will be held on next Friday by Nguyen Hue School.

    25.       Tom will return those books back to the library tomorrow.

    Those books will be returned back to the library tomorrow by Tom.

    26.       The postman will deliver newspaper to him next week.

    Newspaper will be delivered to him next week by the postman.

    27.       They can’t make tea in cold water.

    Tea can't be made in cold water.

    28.      You must clean the floor before you paint it.

    The floor must be cleaned before you paint it.

    29.       The girl has to decide to study law or pharmacy.

    Law of pharmacy has to be decided to study by the girl.

    30.       People can’t learn a foreign language in this week.  

    A foreign language can't be learnt in this week.

    31.      Nick will bring the pizzas to our house.

    The pizzas will be brought to our house by Nick.

    32.      You can’t make tea in cold water.  

    Tea can't be made in cold water.

    33.      They are digging some holes in the garden.  

    Some holes are being digged in the garden.  

    34.      Did you receive your visa yesterday.  

    Was your visa received yesterday?

    35.      He has spelt the word wrongly.  

    The word has spelt wrongly by him.

    36.      She was doing the homework at 4 yesterday.  

    The homework was being done at 4 yesterday by her.

    37.      They were preparing the meals when I arrived home.

    The meals were being prepared when I arrived home.

    38.      The zookeeper feeds the animals at the zoo every day.

    The animals are fed at the zoo every day by the zookeeper.

    39.      Should they help Timothy with cooking dinner ?

    Should Timothy be helped with cooking dinner?

    40.      The managers have copied the file since you left the company.

    The file has been copied since you left the company by the managers.

    41.      They are going to steal your money if you are not careful.

    Your money are going to be stole if you are not careful.

    42.      The thief broke thewindow .

    The window was broken by the thief.

    43.      For centuries, poets, writers and musicians have mentioned ao dai in poems, novels and songs.

    For centuries, Ao Dai has been mentioned in poems, novels and songs by poets, writers and musicians.

    44.      They are going to plant some flowers in our school yard next week.

    Some flowers are going to be planted in our school yard next week.

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