1. is her hobby arranging flowers? -> does she

1 , is her hobby arranging flowers ?

-> does she

2. i find carving wood ia boring

-> i don't

3 . don't eat too much fast food

-> you

  bởi Vũ Hải Yến 07/06/2019

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  • 1 , is her hobby arranging flowers ?


    2. i find carving wood ia boring


    3 . don't eat too much fast food


      bởi Nguyễn Lê 07/06/2019
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    Answering your questions is very easy

    - It...............................................

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    Centuries ago in Ancient Greech, a man by the name of Antipater of Sidon compilied a list of what he thought were the seven wonders of the world. The seven included the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in present-day Iraq, The Statue of Zeus in Greece, and the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The pyramid is the only wonder you can still see today. Many people claim that there were other wonders, which the ancient Greeks knew nothing about. These include the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India and Angkor Watt in Cambodia.

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    2. Why should Angkor Watt really be known as a wonder?

    3. Did Angkor Thom use to be the royal capital city?

    4. When was Angkor Watt built?

    5. Where is the Gardens of Babylon now?

    6*. Translate this text.

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    1,Noone/deny/benefits/the/Internet/our life.

    2,It/become/part/erevyday life.

    3,The Internet/be/ very fast and convenient way/get information.

    4,It/be/cheap/way/communicate/friends and relatives/means of Email or chatting.

    5,You/check weather conditions/ before /camping or fishing.

    6, you /can book/tickets/film shows, concerts, soccer matchesor hotels,..

    7,It /be /source of entertainment.

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    1. where are you gong to .....your holiday?

    =>i have not decided yet. i may go.......Ireland

    2.ask tim........your problem. he might be able to help you

    3.my daughter's really afraid ...........dogs

    4. if she is late, we'll go.......her

    5.the price......this packet is wrong.it should be $20.9 not $ 29.5

    6.i'm going there...........monday. Would you like to come....us?

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  • Tìm và gạch chân dưới tân ngữ rồi chuyển sang câu bị động:

    I, Yes-No questions:

    1. Do they teach English here ?

    2. Will you invite her to the wedding party ?

    3. Did the teacher give some exercise ?

    4. Is she going to write a poem ?

    5. Have they changed the window of the laboratory ?

    6. Is she making big cakes for the party ?

    7. Has Tom finished the work ?

    8. Are the police making inquires about the thief ?

    9. Must we finish the test before ten ?

    10.Will buses bring the children home ?

    II, Wh-questions:

    11. When will you do the work ?

    12. How many days did she spend finishing the work ?

    13. How do you spend this amount of money ?

    14. What books are people reading this year ?

    15. How did the police find the lost man ?

    16. Who looked after the children for you ?

    17. How long have they waited for the doctor ?

    18. What time can the boys hand in thief papers ?

    19. Why didn't they help him ?

    20. Who are they keeping in the kitchen ?

    III, Sentnces with verbs "Continue and Begin "

    21. We'll continue to use this computer.

    22. They began to plant rubberr trees in big plantations.

    23. People can continue to enjoy natural resources.

    24. People will continue to drink Coca-Cola in the 21 st century.

    25. American people begin to love football.

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    27. Someone should look into the matter.

    28. Don't speak until someone speaks to you.

    29. A neighbours is looking after the children.

    30. Your story brings back pleasant memories.

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    32. People saw him steal your car.

    33. The teacher is watching them work.

    34. He won't let you do that silly thing again.

    35. People don't make the children work hard.

    36. They made him work aall day.

    37. The detective saw the woman putting the jewelry in her bag.

    38. The terrorists made the hostages lie down.

    39. Police advise drivers to use an alternative route.

    40. She help me do all these dificult exercise.

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    41. Open you book !

    42. Take off your hat !

    43. Don't do that silly thing again !

    44. Let's tell them about it !

    45. Don't let the other see you !

    VII, Sentences with "Advise, Beg, Order, Urge, Agree, decide,..."

    46. She advised me to sell that house.

    47. They begged us to help him.

    48. He orders to clean the floor.

    49. He recommends me to do the job.

    50. She urged him to visit her parents as soon as possible.

    VIII, Some Special sentences.

    51. It is dangerous for us to take the short cut.

    52. You need to have your hair cut.

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  • We find it difficlut to understand this question.

    Ai cho mình công thức bị động này là gì vậy a!

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  • Bài 1: Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc.

    1. My sister (get) married last month.

    2. Daisy (come) to her grandparents’ house 3 days ago.

    3. My computer (be ) broken yesterday.

    4. He (buy) me a big teddy bear on my birthday last week.

    5. My friend (give) me a bar of chocolate when I (be) at school yesterday.

    6. My children (not do) their homework last night.
    7. You (live) here five years ago?

    8. They (watch) TV late at night yesterday.

    9. Your friend (be) at your house last weekend?

    10. They (not be) excited about the film last night.

    03/06/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • 1 , is her hobby arranging flowers ?

    -> does she

    2. i find carving wood ia boring

    -> i don't

    3 . don't eat too much fast food

    -> you

    07/06/2019 |   1 Trả lời