Talk about your favorite subject at school?

Talk about your favorite subject at school? ( English)

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  • What is my favourite subject at school? It's hard to know! I think it's English. The first reason is if I learn English, I can communicate with foreigners and find a good job in the future. urthermore, learning English well can help me read books or magazines in English. Through reading things in English, I can be exposed to various cultures and customs. Besides, my English teacher is a dedicated person who can engage me in her lessons and bring the passion for me. I found her lessons interesting because she delivered them in a way that I really
    liked. In short, English is an important subject which I am really keen on. My dream is have a good job in the future, beside, I want to become a teacher who teach for the children to improve the pronunciation. Thanks for reading my essay.

      bởi le Thi Truc 12/03/2019
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