Talk about the works at school

talk about the works at school ?

talk abot your activities at recess ?

giúp mình nhé.......cảm ơn nhiều

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  • 2. Talk about your activities at recess ?

    In the school yard children, every 2 each session details are to recess. A drum up, but as fun loudly urging us quickly run out .... romp.
    Wide school yard a few minutes ago that, deserted and quiet suddenly as narrow, not even enough room for noise and hundreds of large and small pupils, from Grades flush profusely as massive streams, multi-colored sharp. Shuttlecock few top men quickly occupied, arrayed, foot stone Thoan, mouth à á call each other, red and blue orbs flying over, fly back, flew up, fly down. Many girls playing jump rope rhythmically and healthy, spinning wire spiraling, undulating dancer with a smile, hair flying in the wind. Original few eagles around women with women, men with men, many of you are playing tag, chasing people who flee flashed bucket to run, the purple ears. Some you like jokes huddled storytelling fun, laughing, with him jumping happily cheered! Many couples holding hands, walking around, talking to small giggle. Some make you curious to look at the fence looking around she sold plots vicious looking sour apricot, deep sweetness. Teacher observations, standing afar off, would also spread the fun out of our joy.
    Recess filled with laughter and voices wa also go very fast. A solemn drumbeat sounded. Drumming like a miracle that we had like a hundred silent gradually, rushed into the classroom, the school returned to the air, quiet terrace, its tranquility..

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    At twenty-five past nine, the bell rings and all the students go into the yard. It's time for recess. They are all happy and exited. They mêt their friends and have some fun. Many are talking about the last class or last movie. Some are eating and drinking as well as chatting. Some students are playing games like blindman's bluff or catch. Some boys are playing marbles and some girls are skipping rop. But the most popular activity is talking. The yard is very noisy until the bell rings. Then everyone goes indoors and classes begin again.

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