Điền giới từ: teenagers are concerned ...... the environment

baì 1: điền giới từ

1. teenagers are concerned ...... the environment

2. please took......... my chilldren while i'm working

3. we are bored...... watching tv now 

4. in a games of singles , two players play ...... each other 

5. thanks ...... your invention . it's very useful


bài 2: chia động từ

1.daddy, cuold you tell me how [run]......... this washing machine ?

2. my mother is busy [cook].......... dinner in the kitchen

bài 3:

1. we ....... to our new house on january 1 st

a. transfered                 b. got                    c. removed                   d. moved 

2. fluoride toothpaste      helps ......... tooth decay 

a. prevent         b. for preventing                           c. preventing     d. with preventing

3. she added a little salt to the soup so it tasted ......

a. delicously                b. well    c. good  d. tastefully

bai 4

1. why is not this tv working ?

- what ..........

2. hoa and minh didn't go to school yesterday beccause of illness

- hoa and minh were .............

3. can't you do better than that ?

- is that .......

4. it isn't nesscary for students to wear uniforms on wesnesday

- students ..........

5. she feels comfotable to watch tv 

- watching tv ...........



Theo dõi Vi phạm

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  • Bài 4.

    1. Why is not this TV working?

    => What happens to this TV?

    2. Hoa nd Minh didn't go to school yesterday beause of illness

    => Hoa and Minh were ill , so they didn't go to school yesterday.

    3. Can't you do better than that?

    => Is that the best you did?

    4. It isn't necessary for students to wear uniforms on Wednesday.

    => Students need to wear uniforms on Wednesday.

    5. She feels comfortable to watch TV

    => Watching TV makes her comfortable

      bởi nguyen thanh mai 11/03/2019
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