Write about your sister

Write about your sister

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  • Gris is my little sister. She never gives me my space. She always find something to make me angry. On the other hand, my older sister, Rita gives me my space and I am grateful for that. Rita is an energetic woman, and is a helpful person, and she is very reliable.
    To begin, my sister, Rita is an energetic woman. For instance, she always wake’s up at 5:00 a.m., and exercises for 15 minutes in her bedroom. She works from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., teaching first grade students at an Elementary School. She has 36 little and pretty students, and she works very hard with them, and she never gets tired or mad if they do not understand something. She goes back home and revises her students homework. She goes and walks for one hour at the park in her neighborhood and listens to the radio with her headphones. After she has a long and hard day she goes home and relaxes and get’s ready for the following day.
    Besides being energetic, she is a helpful person. For example, she helps me to understand my Composition and my Reading lessons, whenever I need or ask for help. Also, she helps me to do my homework. We study and do our work together, spending hours on it. She also helps me with exams because she is older than me and she is a teacher, so she helps me to understand the subjects and I help her to be a better teacher.
    Most important, my sister, Rita is a reliable person. For instance, she keeps my secrets when I tell her about them, and I am sure, she does not reveal any secrets to anyone else because she is very honest. I know I can trust her, because last year I was going to school and I was taking Grammer. I was not doing to well and I ended up failing my mid-term. I was so scared to tell my mother so I told my sister Rita. Until this day she has not said a word. Also I ask for help whenever I have problems. If it is with my little sister or with my boyfriend or any other situation. For example, my boyfriend and I got int...

      bởi Thiện Nhân 04/03/2019
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