Write about your dream house in the future

Write about your dream house in the future

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  • my future house will be in the middle of the sky. there is a long and wide ocean under the my future house. it will be surrounded by a rainbow. there will be a swimmingpool in frond ang a large flower gaden behind the house. cloud is my means of transport, so that i can fly to travel arround. there will be a UFO so that i can fly to school. my future house will have a solar energy. there will be some robots, a supersmart tv in my house.

    When i go to bed, the smart bed automatically gets warm. when i am asleep, it controls the temperature. in the morning, when i wake up, my robots make me a cup of tea. i drink the tea in bed and then get up. The bathroom has a smart shower. when my sisteris in the shower, it stops after 5 minutes and say to her, " your sister wants to use the bathroom now." the smart miror says nice things to me like, " your hair is great today". The kitchen has a smart fridge. it orders food from the internet. my smart fridge orders food for all my family and it knows our favourute food. the smart tv knows what i like and it finds things what i want to watch.

      bởi Dương Anh Phụng 04/03/2019
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