Write a travel guide about a place you know

Write a travel guide about a place you know. hihi

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  • This travel guide is for people who want to visit Ha Long Bay, one of the seven natural wonders in the world. Ha Long Bay is located in Quang Ninh province which is in the north of Vietnam. It is nearly 200km from Hanoi. So it takes you about 4 hours by car. You can also travel there in a coach or even in a helicopter on Saturday. The best season to visit Ha Long is in summer when the weather is warm and sunny. Ha Long Bay has many beautiful caves and islands; therefore, you must take a boat trip to enjoy the view here. You certainly must take pictures to remember the trip better, too. If you are an active person, you must do the water sports here like swimming, sailing, and windsurfing. One more thing, you must try the seafood here because it is incredibly fresh and delicious. With this travel guide, I hope that you will have a wonderful time here in the number one natural wonder of Vietnam.

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  • Khoanh tròn chữ cái ( A , B C hoặc D ) của từ có phát âm khác với từ còn lại ở phần in đậm :

    1. A . hat B. cat C. small D. have

    2. A. cloudy B. house C. about D. four

    3. A. windy B. rice C. nice D. five

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    2 I ____________ dinner now

    A is having B are having C am having

    3 She _________ to school by bike

    A going B is go C is going


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    4.__________do they go to the movies?-Twice a month.

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    4.Lan's school is__________than my school.(big)

    5.Viet Nam has lots of________beaches.(beauty)

    6.His name's David.He's__________.(Australia)

    7.This temple is the__________in the village.(old)

    8.Miri is from Tokyo.She's_______.(Japan)

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