Write a short paragraph from 5 to 8 sentences about traditional Tet in Vietnam

Write a short paragraph from 5 to 8 sentences about traditional Tet in Vietnam 

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  • Tet is a traditional holiday of our country Vietnam.
    Year season occurs around the beginning of February and the end of January. The meaning of the Festival is ending the old year and welcome the new year. Tet is very special for Vietnamese families to reunite. At that time, all the family members tried to return to their homes and get together to prepare for the New Year. Moreover they will buy new clothes and clean their homes. A branch of flowers or a kumquat Mai could not absent in every home. They bring a fresh atmosphere to the house. Our ancestors altar decorated with a tray full of fruits and flowers.
    Some typical foods such as confectionery Festival, coconut jelly, fruit candy, lemon seeds, rice cakes, "meat stock" (pork stew with egg). A special food can not be absent from the glutinous rice cake .. It is a traditional dish of our country on the occasion of Tet. New Year meal is more delicious meals every day from Vietnam.
    Tet, people are more typical activities. Young people participate in traditional games such as tug of war; cook, cockfighting, watch lion dances. Many people visit relatives wish a happy new year. The elderly will give lucky money to children. Woman is like going to the temple to wish good things will come to their family
    In my opinion, I like the fresh air and warm Tet. All of the family members talk to each other about a happy new year. I can go out with my friends and not have to worry about anything
    "New Year" holiday heart is always in Vietnam

      bởi Mai Anh Khoa 01/03/2019
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