Write a paragraph of about 80 - 100 words to describe a football match that you've watched recently , using the prompts

Write a paragraph of about 80 - 100 words to describe a football match that you've watched recently , using the prompts

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  • Paragraph 1
    After a week of hard study, Sunday, dad take you watch football at the My Dinh Stadium. Today Vietnam team met the Thai team. Vietnam team dressed in red, while the Thai team wore blue. Team Vietnam was right before kick off. The referee and referee signaled the game starts. Exciting game from the first minute. First Half our team has not scored any goals.
    Into the second half, just 10 minutes Cong Vinh pass the Kingdom, he slowly came Thailand defender and scorer scored his first goal for the team in Vietnam. The whole stadium cheers rang loud cheers. The air is very noisy in the field. The match began. Thailand team scored the 1-1 equalizer. But just a few minutes later, Van Quyen team scored a goal to add more. First half really tough, aggressive. But by the end of the game is no more goals are scored. The referee whistle well finish the match. Vietnam team won 2-1. This real football game exciting. I hope next time to be announced taken to watch a football game again.

    Paragraph 2
    Last Saturday, I went to see her parents for the match between his kidneys and Ha Tay Hang Day stadium, Hanoi. But when parents and children to the stadium, stands looking up I saw people crowded, crowded place. Then a few minutes, the two teams came out. Music emerged, making the air in the field even more boisterous. When the game starts, the players move, decided to winning the ball. Suddenly, the referee blew the whistle and unfortunately for the players his kidneys. Number one player was fouled. Soon a yellow card for him. As for the expression of Ha Tay team excited. But fifty minutes to the 15 players in the team and scored his kidneys to his team. Now the identity of the players present Hatay was slightly pale. Not long after, the referee blew the whistle alarm every hour. The final score was 1-0 in favor of the Cua Ong Thanh players. I found this game very well and look forward to watching the game or more.

    Paragraph 3
    Once they are released resulting in My Dinh stadium to watch the football match between teams of Vietnam and Cambodia team division. When you arrive, find a secluded courtyard, close to football now, people flocked to jam jam packed. By now, both teams shook hands and arbitration coin to see which team the ball first. Vietnam has the right team to advance the ball. At first Vietnam team scored thanks to Van Wall. But near the end of the 1st half, a team player Cambodia divided won the ball and scored on Vietnam golf team. The second half, players have to pass the ball to Tai Em Cong Vinh, Vinh and shot on goal for the time keeper loopholes. Everyone cheered loudly, people rejoiced to Vietnam champion, while the paper, the fireworks, make the atmosphere very noisy in the field. And finally the two lead a team leaning toward Vietnam. I really like this game and look forward to watching a football match again.

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