Write a paragraph about your home town. Tell me the reason you like in your homework and the reason you don't like in your hometown.

Write a paragraph about your home town. Tell me the reason you like in your hometown and the reason you don't like in your hometown.

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  • I want you to know my hometown. My hometown is Hung Yen. Now, I am living with my parents there. My hometown is very beautiful and wonderful, it has many small rivers, fields and vast expanses of green plants. And my hometown is too hot in the morning, so the nights are the good time to play.

    Today, the landscape of my country have changed, it's nicer, more modern. Life is the people is raised. During the holidays, my hometown has many activities going on, many games are held for everyone. People here are very kind and friendly.

    I love my hometown because it was where I was born and grew up .

      bởi Phương Hoàng 25/12/2018
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  • My home town is in Quang Ngai,my hometown is very peaceful.I like beach because i can swim and surf in beach.I don't like pollution beach because it's make more fish died,and it dirty too!!!

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  • When I was younger, I lived on an 70's to 80's housing development (not a council estate). Not like the newest ones which have tiny rooms and very little space between "detached" houses, this was quite decent. My house was right next to a forest and moorland, but also on a damn street corner which proved to be problematic because of the tendency of youths to hang around and kick about balls on street corners. Yup, even decent housing estates have their chav problems. The "village" itself was mostly composed of endless rows of various houses and a big hill between the shops and my house.
    There was a toy store at the row of shops, in which I frequently threw tantrums. :D There are better places to live, but I'd prefer it to where I'm living now. There is a rather large, beautiful house at the end of the same road owned by a family friend which I'd absolutely love to have.

      bởi [Youtuber] AnhLoc2007 24/02/2020
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