Write 5 sentence to describe colors of the things in your living room

Write 5 sentence to describe colors of the things in your living room

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  • Beige! My whole house is beige. Beige walls, beige/cream curtains, beige carpets. But it was decorated that way when we bought it, and OH doesn't really do DIY. Actually, I don't allow him to do it.

    I've got a nice dark wood coffee table from Laura Ashley, and a sideboard/chest as well. I've used dark red as an accent colour - red cushions, lampshades on 2 small lamps, big red glass bowl on the coffee table. Most of all I love my fireplace. It's got a gas fire that looks like a real one, and on the mantleshelf I've got 2 big vases that were gifts; some tea-light holders with long stems, I bought with birthday money from Dad, and they look great as the candles reflect in the mirror behind; a statue of a chinese terra-cotta warrior I bought at the exhibition 20 years ago; a cherub who sits on the edge(held on with blue-tack) who used to belong to a friend who died a few years ago; a green glass snail called Norman, a Xmas present from another friend; and a pile of Euros that my husband put the 3 months ago so he wouldn't forget to take them on holiday in 2 months time.

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