What is your favourite programme? Tell me your favourite programme

What is your favourite programme?

Tell me your favourite programme.( nhớ dài lên nhé)

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  • My favorite movie is "A Walk To Remember". This is my favorite movie because it deals with real life issues, like some of the most important things in life such as: love, relationships, and most important, who your real friends are. "A Walk To Remember is about a girl named Jamie (Mandy Moore) who is the daughter of a minister who becomes ill. During high school Jamie doesn't have very many friends but is in alot of activities and through that she meets a reckless boy named Landon. Landon got into some trouble which made the principal force him into being in a play for the drama club. Landon Played a lead role as did Jamie, even though they didn't hang out in the same crowd of friends when Landon needed Giúp with his lines in the play he turned to Jamie to Giúp him out. One of the first things she told Landon was for him to promise that he wouldn't fall in love with her. But that is a promise that he did not keep. Jamie finally told Landon that she had cancer and the treatment stoped working so she didn't have very much time to live. Jamie had this list of accomplisments that she wanted to make before she passed. The number one thing was to get married at the same church that her mother and father was married in. Landon made ALL of her dreams come true. But unfortunitally her cancer became worse and she died. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes heart touching stories, I liked it and would watch it a million times a day if I could.

      bởi Nguyễn-N Huyền-H 06/03/2019
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  • My favourites programme is cartoon

      bởi @%$ Đạo 17/05/2019
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