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  • I am a lot flexible on food so I don't have any specific dish that I can say to be my favorite, even the best thing I can think of, I will get bored after eating it again and again.

    So I like the combination of tastes in a complete meal. Starting with something crunchy, dry and salty as a starter, the main course to be a semi-solid with taste of either spicy or sour and finally ending with sweet. Most important thing I think that should be in that food items is 'uniformity'. I don't like mixing of tastes like you take a bite of spicy pakoda but after chewing for a while you get a taste of sweet something. When this happens I feel like my tongue is violated. And so I hate the most when people add granulated or whole dry-fruits to any dish to make it look good.

    But if I have to choose one item as my favorite food, it would be something simple like dal-rice. Because this is something I've been eating almost everyday of my life and still I don't get bored of it.

    Even in dal-rice there is a variation so going in detail. The rice must be cooked but not too soft and stick. Best cooked according to me is when every rice piece can be counted by picking with hand. The dal must be yellow, thick and no granules at all and sufficient salt for taste. Nothing fancy in the dal but a spoonful of pure ghee or tadka is acceptable.

    The best part about this dish is, I can prepare it myself. I don't have to rely on someone else to prepare me my favorite dish.

      bởi Ngọc Trân 28/02/2019
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