Viết một đoạn văn kể về một dự định của em trong tương lai bằng tiếng Anh

viết một đoạn văn kể về một dự định của em trong tương lai [ từ 5 đến 7 câu]

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  • Hi! My name is Ana and I’m 14 years old. My favourite subjects are Sciences and Languages. My free time activities are basketball, swimming, chatting on the internet and reading my favourites books. I really like playing with children but I also like to defend my friends and help them solving their problems. So I’d like to go into the medicine or law. Medicine because I love helping and doing everything to help other people. Law because I love defending innocent people and making justice, to change our world into a better place...

    I'm an ambitious girl, because I know that medicine and law are very complicated and difficult areas! I’ll have to study a lot. But I think that in the future I can be a judge or a paediatrician and find a good job.

    My dream is having my own clinic. So I have 4 months to decide what area I would like to go. I know I have to go to many jobs interviews... they are very important to give a good impression. We should answer all questions clearly and directly, dress appropriately for the interview and bring extra copies of our CV’s and references. We shouldn’t chew gum, talk fast or slang and be late to the interview. I’m worried about unemployment, because there are many areas where people are qualified and they can’t find a job. Some of them have to fight and try other options.

    I would like to have a part-time job, because I like to have my own money to buy my things. Having a part-time job is very good to obtain some experience and responsibility. The advantage of having a part-time job is the experience and the disadvantages are the less hours of studying and the little wage. I expect to find a good job in the future!

      bởi Tên Ák Không Biết 01/03/2019
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