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    During the past summer vacation, three for me to go out of Dalat a week. It is a reward for you because you are three tried and achieved academic honors outstanding students.

    Three children are fully prepared for this trip. Since a few days ago, bought three tickets at the Center for Fire Vietnamese tourism. Friday morning, off-site parking mother, father and son up off the road. The car was close enough, he signaled the driver honked travelers know that the upcoming hours drive.

    True 5 hours 30 minutes, the car leaves the station. City at dawn really clear, cool. On the road, people and traffic is sparse. Out of town, turn to highway vehicles I and began to accelerate. I sat by the window seat so spoiled roadside scenery.

    Soon, the car has to fork to Dalat. From Highway 20 bends runs between an immense blue of the rubber forest succession.

    Each time a different landscape. Car up the slope, to pass continuously. There are very high pass and tens of kilometers long. He drove calmly and skillfully drove through the craggy path, dangerous, high mountain side, one side is the abyss. Passengers seemed very assured, completely relying on the steering wheel of his proficiency. Some people head on the couch sleeping.
    Three o'clock in the afternoon, the car was to the territory of the city of Dalat, famous tourist destination in the country. From a distance, I saw the hill after another.

    British driver to stop for visitors to admire the beauty of the falls prEN. Water pouring down from the sky like a giant white curtain. Waterfall steady voice, millions of tiny iridescent spray.
    The further into the near cities, more attractive scenery. IN! It was a strange scene unfold as in a fairy tale. Among the pine trees, looming pointed roof houses, red tile roof that looks like the mysterious castle.

     Kể về một chuyến đi chơi xa

    Half an hour later, the car parked in front of the hotel Cherry. Small but beautiful hotel and fully equipped. The first meal, father children enjoy the food delicious plateau. That night, I pull the blankets to take stock and sleep drunkenness.
    For several days here, I visited a lot of the beauty of Dalat as Xuan Huong lake, Cam Ly waterfall, Golf Hill, Hill informed the two graves, Valley of Love, Da Thien Lake, Truc Lam ... Three shooting me a lot of photos. I like most is the kind of riding on top of a hill, below the old stem.
    Go to the city park, children happily played rail giant black bear stuffed close to three photographic port. Kids passionate bird watcher, watching animals, watching flowering time forgot.
    Then three brothers Da Lat Market. I shocked at the rich, beautiful flowers cold countries: red roses, yellow roses, lay-thanks, dahlia, carnation, orchid, orchid ... and how many different kinds of daisies. Also very attractive fruit: plums, peaches, strawberries, oranges, avocados, grapes, apples ... something is delicious, and cheap. My father bought some strawberry jam box and a bag full of ripe avocados coming. Hong sure mother and baby loves.

    A week went by spiraling tour. The time has come Dalat farewell, returned to the family home. At the car leaves the station, I peeked out the window, waving nostalgically pine forests, mountains, roads, misty valleys, lovely roofs and colorful flower garden ... Goodbye, Dalat ! Set a date to year, I will return!
    Interesting trip was to expand my understanding of the country and people. Everywhere his country picturesque and very compassionate man, hospitality!

      bởi Đặng Thị Yến 28/02/2019
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