Viết một bài văn bằng tiếng Anh nói về ngôi nhà tương lai của mình

viết một bài văn bằng tiếng anh nói về ngôi nhà tương lai của chính mình  hộ mình nha 

Theo dõi Vi phạm

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  • Everyone dreams are beautiful, no matter how small or large, whether in money or
    money bags. Architecture and House Beautiful has contributed in no small merit to house
    more beautiful Vietnam added.
    For me, long time track House Beautiful Publications, learn, watch, taste changes
    constantly ... now I know I prefer the modern style, straight road in definition, the door
    wide high , colored lights. All in all overall non
    standard and very simple, comf
    but strange, beautiful and durable. Selected interior decoration design style of modern
    Asia, little furniture, just to meet daily needs, but each item must be charming and
    I was very interested in the position of the stairs, it serves as
    a flexible life should
    be safe, bright, wide enough to walk, carry easy, rested legs, stairs should not flaunt
    There are two seats previously less concerned Vietnam, now has other kitchen and
    bathroom. I love the spacious kitchen, decorating fun e
    nough for family gatherings over
    meals daily. Kitchen is a cozy place in your home. Where close family, expressing
    emotions with a favorite food, and children have the opportunity to learn to eat, learn to
    speak, learning packages, learn to open ...
    the bathroom is now not only to bathe that part much more. Shower as the old
    style: fast, compact, less expensive; bath tub is relaxing, takes time (and more money) but
    the shower feeling well. Each bathroom each different creative, bath seats in the house
    now in Vietnam did not lose any of the beautiful 5 star hotel.
    Home is much more room as bedrooms, living room, reserve, miscellaneous office
    storage ... The skill of the architect is to arrange appropriate space for all.
    Tables do not know how much det
    ail is enough, each person has their own tastes,
    everyone is right, depending on personality. However, it is important to have enough
    money problems, things are more talented architect, reputable contractors for
    coordination of the three parties agreed to
    a new building is nice. That's labor force
    works, the mind of many workers. So, do not save that for sloppy construction and poor
    quality, the consequences will be repaired later.
      bởi Thánh Trôll 28/02/2019
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