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    As I wrote in the previous post, Hue has too many monuments, too many places to visit and enjoy us. There are many ways to go places, but the way that I used to go especially rent a motorbike at the hotel, and so to walk, buy a map or ask for directions is simply everywhere can to be.

    Within the scope of this article I do not intend to write about all the sights of Hue but only talked about some of the places that I like the most typical.

    Unlike Da Lat, Da Lat I rarely visit the attractions, Hue has the attractions, monuments and I enjoyed almost every time I visit Hue to these places.


    The first place is definitely the Citadel, but before talking about the Citadel, there is little point in advance because I mean by that many people often mistakenly and sometimes used interchangeably with one another, that is the problem called Citadel , Citadel and the Forbidden City.

    Hue Imperial City is the whole area is surrounded by the first ring, the ring is a big flagpole wall (called America Radio). In the old days the only capital city that much (not vast immense Saigon or Hanoi style now). Next is the Citadel (also known as the Citadel) which gathered many of the imperial palace and foremost it is where people most often mixed up in the same round, actually inside the Citadel also has a ring of more , which is the Forbidden City, and that's the final round. Imperial City where I can ride the machine around, eating junk ... And with Citadel, then we must send the car and go through the Ngo Mon Gate, after passing through the Ngo Mon Gate was on the Citadel. Keep going through the Thai Hoa Palace (where the king's throne), behind the Thai Hoa Palace we will see a more rounds, that is the Forbidden City, Forbidden City want wealth, they must pass the Grand Palace Mon (major is that when the last gate we will see the copper cauldron).

    The reason I am saying this because my skills on songs heard a tour guide you (do not know if it was not professional tour guides - hope not) tell guys that as soon as guests in our Southern Gate is entered Forbidden City, this is wrong because at Ngo Mon Citadel was just entering it. Hope to fewer cases of transmission of such false information again, especially as in the case above, communicated to the alien.


    Thai Hoa Palace in the rain

    Citadel is home to many palaces most. About here is probably quite admit that I only share my way is most effective for visiting the Citadel. Again, before you go to find out information about Hue as much as possible, information about where he would go. After a preliminary grasp palace each function was, with what historical events, then we need to have one overview. After entering the Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa wealth, behind the Thai Hoa Palace is a model of the entire works of Citadel, we will look at this model to guide the whole structure of the Citadel and will easily go over .

    Go Citadel follow me at least take half a day, it's going pretty fast and surfing, and go carefully, it took all day. In the Citadel very cool and my hobbies are reading countless historic Citadel, no need to bring in books, in the palace of the Citadel usually 1 corner selling books on the Nguyen Hue and they sold at prices cover should not worry. Buy a lot of then so that tour, tired, stop reading and then go forward, so that the tour will take you much though as their first go.


    Take a selfie a sheet of "coarse": "& GT;

    After the Citadel, then to the mausoleum, the tomb which I like because which has its own history, but if I had to pick my favorite 3 mausoleum will be:


    Royal Tombs in Hue (pictured is the Tomb of Minh Mang)

    Tomb of Minh Mang Tomb first - this is the tomb which I consider to be the most beautiful in all of the current tomb, King Minh Mang King was one I enjoyed. Under the reign of King Minh Mang, Vietnam developed countries are very brilliant and I think he is one of the greatest kings of the Nguyen dynasty after King Gia Long (just a personal opinion). If the Emperor Gia Long built the foundation of the dynasty of King Minh Mang it was the foundation from which to develop Vietnam country into one of the major powers in the region at the time.

    2nd Lang is my favorite Tu Duc Mausoleum, despite many opinions compliment criticized King Tu Duc (the reign of King Tu Duc, the French started to attack our country and colonial - history has often blamed this by king Tu Duc's incompetence). Even so I still have to Tu Duc is one of the good king. He is known for hard work to run the country, he set very early and tidal mudflats after he continued to study and approve the recital, with his criticism of the thorough, detailed details longer than both the tempo. He was also very pious mother (is she the Queen Mother Tu Du). There are many anecdotes about the hospitality of King Tu Duc meant to put them all here, but perhaps this will make lengthy, written specifically for a different occasion Tu Duc I would write this story.

    King Tu Duc Mausoleum liked his poems so very charming, entered the tomb, the right to have a very romantic lake called Lake Luu Thuy Ta Well with the above (called Save Khiem Ta). I've been sitting here for hours in an afternoon rain (because there is not going to - the rain that :-D), sat imagine ancient Tu Duc also sit like that, he chose this place is so poetic and romantic, but also sad. Perhaps this is also the place where the king was sitting deep thought about their responsibility not to young river round. I remember his nostalgic words in a book: "I do my sin to let young river historical criticism."

    I personally do not like the way provided all responsibility for Tu Duc, Vietnam country at that time only a single model is China, in the face a formidable foe on techniques and weapons came from the West France, being so down is inevitable and should also note that the French are not captured in our country in a day or two, but from the first day of gunfire and explosion in Danang until king Tu Duc set signed ceded three southern provinces of America to France for nearly 4 years uninterrupted. Personally I prefer King Tu Duc, but since this paper was talking about Hue should not make you much about this issue.

    3rd is a steering Mausoleum less frequented, because it is too distant, difficult passages. It's Gia Long Tomb, my favorite kings of Nguyen dynasty. Want to be Gia Long Tomb, there are 2 ways, one is by hiring boats, 2 are rented motorcycles walk my way. Getting there by motorcycle more interesting but also more difficult, especially as the rainy season I went. From Tomb of Khai Dinh (I do not like this tomb), go straight to the end of the road meets the river bank turn left, so paired waterfront, on going away forever, to the right we will see a wharf, from here catch the ferry (also often must wait a long time because the boat less traveled), thereby further turn right go along the river, this time the road is the village streets only, very small but also very beautiful, just go I will always come a turnoff on the right (it is best to ask for directions because it is easy to go exceeded). From here we will go down into the tomb of Gia Long populations. There is almost no one tourism, so visitors should also little every scene not come off, but that the word "natural medicine" here is not the same as the old medicine, natural medicine that is crumbling no one managed. If any bad day there would not be anyone open to you to see the tomb of Emperor Gia Long (because the door lock, which opened is nowhere to be seen), I have to come here is the 2nd new wealth. Anyway this is a very good place to come, King Gia Long chose this location very carefully, with full conviction (the mountains in front), occiput, world s tigers and dragons land across the charming painted marine landscapes here are very nice. Visit the tomb of Gia Long and remember before you go to find out as much information about this king :)

    3 steering wrote only that all were lengthy and, in Hue is still a lot of other monuments that maybe I should let people learn themselves.


    Village Street in Hue

    Apart from the ruins, there is a happy discovery obtained in Hue which I also love, which is running the car to wander along the streets of Hue. Suburban roads in Hue is very nice in my opinion, extremely peaceful and gentle, then fill the petrol tank every so wandering around, there is also a great fun.


    It was also mentioned Hue remiss without mentioning a little food.

    With so many delicious dishes of Hue, Hue remember the first day, as well as luck, Huong Giang hotel that once held food festival, chefs serve the dishes of Hue, I still remember that day though ate a lot of food and I still try to eat more because too delicious, the meal that I just "is breathing" literally.


    But dining in luxury hotels is not the way to enjoy the cuisine of Hue, where the fun is affordable to shop. The first item in my menu in Hue now Henm rice dishes to eat on the 2nd, 3rd new feel the uniqueness of it. Hen eating Ben Dam should go shop, I go along Le Loi street toward Vi Da Village, go at once through a dam, then turn right immediately, then go away forever until the road is about to go through one, then this shop is located on the right, the best shop.

    And so the snakehead fish dishes like bread soup, bun bo bun nem Kim Long village party ... There's also tea, in Hue there are many types of tea, a haven for those with a sweet tooth like me, tea, black beans, peas green, white beans ... enough. Especially with 1 teas "monstrous" but I can not eat that many people like, that is tea Filter Quay (outside is flour wraps inside the roast Department ...: -S), generally if not try, everyone should try to know, the tui tui not eat this dish. Tea shop in Hue's most famous tea shop located on Hung Vuong Street alleyway.


    Another feature of Hue cuisine is usually very little, so it's a dinner at Hue tui are: 1 bowl of rice to eat in Kitchen Hen Dam, back out to eat a bowl of noodles in asthma snakehead fish, then ran into Kim Long eat a batch bun baked rolls and end with a few cups of tea in tea alley: - | (I remember when messaging tui tui list of what you ate for him, he replied with a few simple words: eat like pigs :)))

    There are many issues about food in Hue again but for all too long already, and that breaks into 2 long should still another occasion I will write more about real warm.

    Hue is a valuable asset of the Vietnamese State, every citizen of Vietnam, but unfortunately the way the current tourism in Hue still many things not good. Management and restoration of monuments superficial, look how people use cement bricks up into the wall, then use the red paint on the pillars scan lacquer ... aches, then cyclo guests unsettled situation, customers sometimes take a long paragraph, fraudulent business practices of some people, I know that expenses are few but will leave a bad impression in the tourists. This is what makes people love Hue sad. Hopefully the next one will have a way to manage more effectively.


    I have been to many and will continue to Hue Hue more, whenever I find myself in Hue as somewhere back on the dozens even hundreds of years ago. Peace and quiet, Hue attached to my memories, simple to just to sit on the porch Hue Thien Mu Pagoda Perfume River that peaceful sight, blurred in the rain.

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