Viết lại câu cho nó bằng với câu đã cho: Mary pratises more English than me

B1 : viết lại câu cho nó = với câu đã cho

C1 : mary pratises more English than me

C2: I like collecting car toys

C3 : there are ten rooms in their house

C4: linh finds phaying board games boring ( like)

C5 : my finds has fewer clothes than I do

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  • B1 : viết lại câu cho nó = với câu đã cho

    C1 : mary pratises more English than me

    => I practice less English than Mary

    C2: I like collecting car toys

    => I am interested in collecting car toys

    C3 : there are ten rooms in their house

    => Their house has tên rooms

    C4: linh finds phaying board games boring ( like)

    => Linh doesn't like playing board games

    C5 : my finds has fewer clothes than I do

    =>I have more clothes than my finds

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  • II.Sắp xếp các từ sau thành câu hoàn chỉnh.








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  • viết lại câu sao cho nghia không thay đổi:

    her eyes are blue

    gợi ý: she has

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    2. We musn't drink and eat in the classroom

    Các bạn giúp mình với! Chiều mình học rồi (T_T)

    Thanks các bạn <33333

    Please help meeeeeee!!!!!!!

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  • Rảnh rỗi đăng câu hỏi cho các homies cùng làm :v làm thì ex đầy đủ nhé r me cho key sau =)))

    @Tú Quyên e làm đi =)))

    1:You _______ just as well accept that job offer when you are badly in need of money.

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    2:She had _______ many assignments to do that she couldn't go out last night.

    A. too B. so C. enough D. such

    3: The number of volunteers participating in the campaign has _______ to nearly 1,200.

    A. arrived B. mounted C. supplied D. pushed

    4:Her grandparent's health has _______ a lot after since the successful surgery.

    A. picked up B. summed up C. given up D. come up

    5:The government are worrying about how to control the birth _______ to slow down population growth.

    A. position B. amount C. number D. rate

    6: A part from those three very cold weeks in January, it has been a very _____ winter.
    A pale B mild C calm D plain

    7:When a little boy, Martin __________ on the farm.
    A. used to hard work
    B. was used to hard work
    C. used to hardly work
    D. got used to work hard

    8:My mum went home immediately to prepare for dinner with everything __________.
    A. need to buy
    B. needed bought
    C. needed to buy
    D. need buying

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