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viết đoạn văn nêu ý nghĩa của việc học tập bằng tiếng anh

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  • The day-to-day work is being socialized, the home of learning, the learner. But to this work, each person has a different learning style, a different learning purpose. So how should we look at the problem of learning today?

    Learning is a long process, a way for people to gain access to knowledge, to raise their level of understanding, to open up their minds to discover things or things. Learning is a lifelong necessity because human knowledge is an extremely rich treasure; it is like immense sea that human understanding is limited. It is not just time that people can understand everything in life. People are born, have no knowledge of life, do not know what to do, so learn from the smallest, simplest onwards. Growing up in the school must learn to read, write and learn natural and social knowledge to equip yourself with the necessary intellectuals in life to help you later be able to work well without the child will learn will It is very difficult for us to be able to enter life firmly. When you grow up, you need to learn. The knowledge we learn in school is not only the basic foundation in life, when embarking on work often arise problems. To solve it must learn by themselves, improve their knowledge. At present, the level of science and technology and culture of knowledge is growing, the demand for human beings is high. If we stop learning, we will be backward, backward, unable to handle the assigned tasks, fail to fulfill the assigned tasks. Continuously learning to become useful for family and society.

    Today, every man has his own way of learning. Many of you are hardworking, diligent and have great success. There are many students who have achieved high academic achievement. They always take the example of the celebrities, the father he went ahead to follow the example. As Lenin said "Study, learn, study forever" or famous scientist Dracuyn also said: "School does not mean that school is not stopped. Learning is an important element, not only to help each of us have a good future but also to make our country prosper. There is a quote: "The way of life is a ladder without a knob and learning is a book without the last page." So learning will never be enough and learning is an extremely vital part of today's ever-growing life.

    However, there are still a lot of students to play forgetting to learn, or if there is just learning rote learning coping. It is indeed very wrong. You go to the children wandering, look at the small face, the innocent eyes are always desirous of a book to school like the other little. What would you think then? We are more fortunate than the little ones, we are loved by parents, taught by teachers, but we do not learn, neglect learning. So it must be blamed? At childhood, in addition to natural instincts are crying and eating, all the rest have to go through a learning process. Fathers, mothers are the first teachers of children, teach children to crawl, crawl. So, from a young age, not having to go to school, any child must learn, to suffer. By the time he grows up, he goes to school, teaches himself to read and write, to learn sitting and writing. Even more, teachers teach wrong knowledge at every level to cognitive ability, so that later can apply to life, work. All these things help us become good children. Learning is to mature, to integrate into a civilized life, capable of adapting to scientific advances.

    Indeed, the future is in our hands, it is bright or blurry, depending on the efforts of every human being. So let's not waste our learning at school, because "one step, one thousand regrets". If we play, we will miss a train to the future. That train does not go to a certain destination. That train is very special because the driver is us and the passenger is us. It is driven by our own hands. The knowledge we learn in school is the basis of our work. But sometimes that knowledge does not meet the requirements of the strong development of science and technology. If you do not continue to learn, you will not be able to handle the job.

    Learning does not discriminate on the basis of age, level, status or social situation, depending on the desires of each person. As a child in school age, teachers teach us a lot of knowledge about nature and society ... so we must constantly improve knowledge, cultivate knowledge, make use of Every opportunity to study. And as adulthood is about to enter our lives, so that by educating ourselves in school, we still have to research our work, books, and so on. Workmanship, qualifications. Usually a person in a good school will graduate well, but not always. So, we have to study at all times, study in front of ourselves, older than ourselves, colleagues around us to fill in the gaps we have missed in our studies and work...

    Each of us needs to recognize our duty and responsibility, in our family and social life. But learn how to achieve good results. There are many learning methods that can be learned through books. At school, we are taught by teachers and friends but also need to read the press, in order to understand more deeply about today's society. Every moment we have to learn to withdraw their experience because it is the real knowledge of precious, equipped for life in life. In modern cities, the education of pupils and students is well taken care of, but in the poor rural areas, learning is not paid much attention. People do not know the great meaning when sending their children to school. Many students have to quit learning to live their lives "selling to the ground, selling their backs to the sky" like their ancestors. It is a pity that there are students who are concerned about their families and socially anxious about material well-being. This is a fairly common phenomenon among lazy students. These are not "bright" mirrors. Let's study according to the generations of his father, Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Du, Le Quy Don ... Le Ba Khanh Trinh, Ton That Tung, Dang Thai Son ... to become useful people.

    Today the country has developed, learning has been focused, however, the learning of students is still a lot of urgent phenomenon. It is not only the underachievement of many students, but also many other issues that are worth considering. That is the myopia in school. Due to too much learning, and more playing video games, the number of myopia increases rapidly. Some students have poor sense of learning, often skipping classes to hang out. Lazy and hamstered, it will be difficult for them to become useful to the society later. These are the "worm-worms" that need to be trimmed in the way and purpose of learning.

    The learning of today's students is extremely necessary. With the trend of integration, students increasingly have to cultivate their knowledge knowledge. The way to get into life is the knowledge that we have accumulated from childhood, it will be invaluable if we enrolled in school but it would also make no sense if we were playing, lazy.

      bởi Nguyen Duc 19/03/2019
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