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viết bài văn tả người trong gia đình em bằng TA

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  • In our family, everyone loves you run out of ink, but she was close, I most care.
    This year, forty-year-old mother. With a slim, slender beauty has adhered luxury of an affectionate mother. Silky black hair that was waist-length mother tucked up neatly. Her eyes always look at me pick the loving gaze with love. Mother oval face with white skin. Petal pink lips beneath her delicate nose as high as seen looking beautiful. When laughing, looking fresh as roses mother just blooming morning. Mother's tanned hands finger bone skinny because she had to raise the frequency of algae, mentoring children from early age has caught long.Me children employed in agriculture but sewing and stitching is very beautiful mother. Especially mothers sewing kit looks graceful, to trong.O home, mother undertook housework. She taught me the light work such as sweeping, folding clothes ... then helped her dad laundry, clean the house clean. Occasionally, she bought flowers for distillation in the beautiful lounge. Every time arrivals, she always welcomed with a smile, warm, inviting guests fruit plate and cool water. Mother always get up early to prepare breakfast for the whole family, to the two brothers went to school in time hoc.Khi mother sick children have to take care of the whole night. Parents worry that children taking drugs for timely. Mother porridge and you fertilize each spoonful. Still busy farm work but usually the mother evening spent about thirty minutes to lecture me. Then she prepared to get up early tomorrow to map the morning for the family concerned .me very compassionate, humble. Mother never scolded me a word. Every time you make a mistake, she gently reminded me fix. Because fanfare mother taught me the right things that I really admire her. My mother is. Mom, I love you too! Whenever mother cuddled in her mother's warm embrace, I felt so happy that I can .me dear mother! Yes mom, I saw blessed. Yes mom, I find heartwarming. In my heart, she is all, her mother is the greatest priority in my life. I always loved the proud mother and a son-mother.

      bởi Ngọc Hồng 27/02/2019
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  • Everyone has a small family. Me too, I live in a family of my parents, my sister and Thao - my younger sister. Being with family is simple and also the greatest joy for me.

    My family lives in a small urban area, everyone living here is very friendly and lovely. They praised her family for being the happiest and most exemplary family in the area. My father is a civil servant, a small accountant. My mother is a law enforcement officer, and I and Thao are going to school. My family is not well-off but always happy and warm. Mother is busy with work, but every time she comes home from work, she takes care of her and Thao. Usually my mother will prepare dinner, cook the things my father and son like to eat such as fish soup, fried meat, stir fry, ... Every time the baby and the baby are finished, the smell of fragrant food comes from the dining room urging We run a circuit to the table. It was also when my father came home, the sound of the door rang, and Thao would run out and wait for me to put the shirt on my father and then the whole family would have a delicious dinner party that my mother prepared. Happily, simply, just need to be reunited with the family, enjoying the dishes she cooked, telling the stories at school with her father, showing off her parents' achievement of a school day.


    Although my parents are busy, I and Thao have to go to school a lot but every weekend, my family has park trips or picnics. Today Sunday, my family is preparing for a picnic. As always, my mother will prepare dishes like home and fruit desserts from early morning, my mother will help me to pick up the things, the baby will bring the red apple with my father. My whole family rises on the stone path leading to a verdant lawn in the park near my house. There are so many families coming here like my family. Here the air is very clean, the lawn is right next to the lake. Sitting on the relaxed grass, I could watch the fishermen on the lake's edge, they sat quietly, waiting for the fish to be baited, someone was rolling the fat worms into fishing hooks, making movements into mastering the fishing line into the water. My family spread a familiar red caro scarf, and I and Thao arranged to prepare my mother's food, from kimpab, bacon, salad, bread and jam, my father sat the apples without forgetting to smile. on the lips. My family kept laughing and laughing, I told my mother about my best friend in the class, Thao showed me pictures of her family getting 10 points from her teacher, my sister and father played a roundabout game. He looked at him with a smile. Then he sat down with me, asked me about my studies, encouraged me to try to achieve high scores and tomorrow, become a strong and strong girl. Like her mother, a woman who is always active in her work and gentle on her father and always takes care of her small family. Mother to me is an ideal model in the future. I used to tell you that you don't need too much material wealth, you just need to be happy and happy every day with your loved ones, that's enough.


    I am very happy and feel lucky because god gave me such a small and warm family. I hope my whole family will be happy forever like that.

      bởi @%$ Đạo 17/05/2019
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  • Hi,

    everybody ! I come from a family of four people : My parents , my younger

    sister , and I . Now I'll describle the members in my family .

    My father is fifty years old . He works as

    a farmer in fields

    on every morning . He

    is tall and slim , has short gray hair and black eyes He is sometimes helpful and

    friendly.My father likes gardening very much as well as listening news .His special

    hobbies are bird watching and a trained tree .To

    him , everything becomes very beautiful

    because in his opinion , labour is glorious .Therefore , he doesn't hate anything .

    My mother is forty


    five and she works as a teacher in a village school .She is small

    and slim , has long black hair and black eyes

    She is a caring and vituous woman. She

    likes gardening and cooking.She cooks well ,people in my family very like her dishes .

    My younger sister is a grade 10 student .She is tall ,intelligent and brisk .Therefore

    , she always obtains achievements in trai

    n .She likes watching cattoon film and reading

    comic books.

    However , she often helps my parents with household chores in free


    time .She likes

    watching cattoon film and reading comic books . Wherever she also is always enthusiasm

    and friendly , so she is

    usually loved .

    And I am twenty


    one years old , studying at Hanoi University of Industry .I am tall,

    short black hair .I am a open


    hearted and friendly person , so I have many friends . Now ,

    because studying ,I have to live far from my home , so I am ver

    y homesick . But in

    months , I have a day


    off to go back home .On sunday , I likes go for a walk with my

    friends in roads . I have no anything to hate them ,because to me , life is always beautiful

      bởi ミ★Bạch Kudo★彡 08/06/2019
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