Viết 1 đoạn văn về kì nghỉ hè của em bằng tiếng Anh

Viết 1 đoạn văn về kì nghỉ hè của em bằng Tiếng Anh

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  • Summer vacation in Ha Long

    Last summer, I went with my family to visit Halong Bay. It's been a long time since I've had such a comfortable summer vacation.

    To prepare for the trip I arranged clothes, food ... from the day before. The car departs from 5:30 am, my family has been at the point of focus since five o'clock. Imagine that I came earlier than not having many other families before me, my dad holding a large travel bag in his hand, the mother holding a bag of food, while she and Baby on the shoulder of the tiny backpack Contains some minor things. Along the road from Hanoi to Quang Ninh, in front of me is an emotional painting of majestic water. Cars wandering through the small bridges and rocky mountains, after more than an hour, the delegation began to descend to cruise to visit the caves. From the highest stone arches hanging down the ice stalagmite columns mixed with all the colors of the rainbow, I heard that the most beautiful hang is the head of wood. This is a palace with plenty of room to break, just a drop of light water falling from the stalactites also enough to break the silence. So all morning, my family just visiting the cave, people began to snap beautiful scene here and rushed into the car to the motel. The delegates got off their luggage and waited for the room's secretary, who was only around the second or third tier in the flower garden. Mi baby alone is the most innocent, then chase you to make her repeatedly reminded but it did not listen, just like playing with friends running. Dad! Why the head of the delegation contact so long, the delegation is going to meet, from a distance, some guides have hold key for each person. In the afternoon, my family went to the flower garden to take a photo and make a memorial to go up to the mountain near the "Thang Long" guest house to admire the scenery. When shooting it says:

    - Hey, I'm a little bit photogenic!

    I reply:

    - Tie! Not sure.

    Listen to him said:

    - Well, you two do not quarrel anymore, you see everyone also eat pictures.

    So the two contested, in the end the child is also in the picture. Finished shooting, the whole market to buy shifts, shrimp called the summer vacation. Dad! Ha Long market is more crowded than Hanoi. From the beginning of the market, a series of watermelon stalls, shrimp fish, meat ... are displayed in the welcome. But shrimp and fish are the most crowded because most tourists want to buy holiday gifts here. You and your mother observe the children's clothing next to the confectionery counters are quite crowded buyers especially the parents bought for their children to wear. There are two children running promiscuously so the mother scolded, so she immediately told her mother must look carefully Mi mi lest again get lost. In the evening, the lights lit everywhere, the same mother and Baby to eat tea at the restaurant, next to the hotel where his family is. And Daddy read the newspaper, watching television at the break room. Time passed, the delegation started on the road to Hanoi.

    The attraction of Ha Long Bay has made this place year round is always the convergence of tourists at home and abroad. Everyone come here to visit, relax, bathing ... Everyone is satisfied, in front of the beauty of the world.
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      bởi đoàn hương 02/03/2019
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