Viết 1 đoạn văn bằng tiếng Anh nói về tiệc buffet từ 5-7 dòng

Viết 1 đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh nói về tiệc buffet từ 5-7 dòng.

giúp mk với nhé.ai trả lời thì mk tick cho

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  • Today, I am 13 years old, so I hold a birthday party at my house. The party began at 7h p.m and finished at 9h30 p.m on October 27th. I invited a lot of close friends ad intimate friends take part in the party. There is a two layer birthday cake with fifteen candles on the table. After people sang “Happy Birthday” song, I blew out the candles and cut the cake. Everybody ate cake, went to KTV and played mini games together. Finally, my friends returned their home, although they all tired, they felt so happy. Regarding me, I cleaned and washed up the party, then I went to sleep.

      bởi Diệu Hiền 26/02/2019
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  • Weddings celebrations vary from place to place. At here, have a buffet party. However, there is a clear difference between Viet Nam and western wedding. First and for most, while the mainstream color of western weddings is white, that of Viet Nam is red. From the dresses of the brides to the decorations of the whole wedding, the main color will follow the whole concept. However, in modern days, lots of people prefer white dresses like western brides. Secondly, The celebration party in Viet Nam lasts for two days and the family will invite all the neighbors surrounding together with other relatives. In the evening young people dance with loud dance music. On the contrary, people in Europe and America spend one day to celebrate the couples. They also don’t care about eating, they just have small meals with champagne or wine. During the weddings, light music will be played and sometimes they may have slight dancing. Finally, people in Viet Nam send wishes to the couple with some money inside an envelope. Whereas, western guests give them gifts or presents with wishes.Tthe world is changing and so is Viet Nam, Vietnamese now tend to simplify the customs but still maintain the culture values. One important thing to remember is: what should be eliminated and what must be kept to avoide loosing the Vietnamese’s Traditions.

      bởi ミ★Bạch Kudo★彡 07/07/2019
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