Viết 1 bài văn tả quê hương bạn bằng tiếng Anh

Viết 1 bài văn tả quê hương bạn bằng Tiếng Anh. HELP ME!!!


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    Everyone has a place to be born, grow up, grow up and go away, then always remember. That place is home. I also have a place in my heart always, is this land, with parents, grandparents, friends and includes a childhood full of the most memorable memories. I love country, love the people here bold bold sexual meaning.

    In your thoughts, each one has a country own style, not to be confused. People of this country, too, has its own personality and emotional
    Homeland they have vast rice fields, vast stretches that I have not gone. Mother told the rice fields gone too far, so I dare not go ever. In season nine yellow rice paddy nursery of making you feel like an endless yellow carpet. There are diligently buffaloes grazing on the slopes of high and long dike. Where we can stay still and watch the sky with clouds, sunset when the sun poured down high mountains so high kia.Que poor children with concrete roads are still very few, common most are still using winding dirt road. Air stones smell rises into the wind rushing into the nose just makes me feel so familiar, though later raised it also can not be alienated.

    People in his hometown who I also worked meticulously, the year they sold the land for sale wiggle so the sun to raise children. They were simple farmers, gentle and hospitable. They are always concerned about the people around. I heard mom sure that people respect the neighbor's home, rather than in the city as the home of knowing it. Mother told the new mother liked so idyllic life in rural areas.

    I still like to see his country average em every time, and when the sun goes down. Because these are two memorable moments marked the beginning of a day and coming to an end one day. It makes everyone feel peace, do not rush, slowly and strangely quiet.

    There are many people away still sure whether to go to wherever the homeland is the place to find the most desirable. Because there have families, have parents, have a childhood. And you too, you always see the hometown love you so much!!!

    hahaChúc bạn học tốt!!!


      bởi Môn Toán Chỉ Em 27/02/2019
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    Question 1: A. concentrate       B. confine                  C. convention            D. conceal

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    C. no article / the / no article                                D. a / a / the

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    A. Of the many              B. Many of the              C. There are many          D. Many

    Question 18:  In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye _______ with the interviewers.

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    Question 19:  Oil shale is a soft, fine-grained sedimentary rock _______ oil and natural gas are obtained.

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