Tìm lỗi và sửa: He does have breakfast, then he leaves the house at half past

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He does have breakfast, then he leaves the house at half past

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  • have_has            half past+giờ














      bởi Nguyễn Minh Ánh 28/02/2019
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  • 1. he ought to finish his homework before he plays tennis

    A.must   B. can   C. will      D. should

    2. do you like to take part in our club ?

    A. play          B. go             C. join                D. enter

    3. I have to finish this question

    A . must       B. can              C. should            D. will

    4. they take a walk instead of .............. bicycles trips

    A. take         B. to take           C. taking            D. A and B

    5. he is learning ................. in the lake

    A. swim       B.  to swim          C swimming           D. A and C

    6. what would you like .................. on the weekend ?

    A. doing           B. to do                C. did               D. A and B

    7. are you free .............. sunday morning ?

    A. on               B.for              D. at

    8. some students don't like reading books. - they prefer playing games .................... reading books

    A. to               B. than                 D. more than

    9.................... going somewhere for a swim ? - that 's a good idea!

    A. How about             B. let's go              C. what about                   D. A and  C 

    10. ................ to have dinner at my house? - yes, i'd love to

    A. do you like        B.would you like            C   . what about             D. let's            

    11. his mother wanted him ............. some bread

    A. buy   B. to buy         C. buying         D. B and C

    12. I rarely go out because everything is too ...............

    A. expensive              B. cheap               C. reasonable       D. unexpensive

    13.hoa enjoys ...................... books very much

    A. read               B. reads             C. is reading                D. to read

    14. nam often spends an hour a day ............ videos games

    A. to play         B. playing                C. to do               D. doing

    15. the doctors think all the children ................. take part in out door activities wiith their friend

    A. should         B. can         C might             D. must

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  • I want working in a largecompany 

    sửa lỗi sai nhéhaha

    28/03/2019 |   2 Trả lời

  • 1.
    ______ is your name?
    A. Who
    B. What
    C. Where
    D. How
    That is ______ ruler.
    A. a
    B. an
    C. the
    D. I
    ______ ? Fine , thanks.
    A. How are you
    B. How old are you
    C. What’s your name
    D. What is this
    There ______ five people in my family.
    A. is
    B. are
    C. am
    D. do
    Is ______ your teacher? – Yes, it is
    A. there
    B. those
    C. these
    D. this
    ______ people are there in your family?
    A. How many
    B. What
    C. How
    D. When
    How old is he? – He’s ______.
    A. fifth
    B. second
    C. first
    D. fifteen
    What ______ he ______? – He’s an engineer.
    A. does – do
    B. do – does
    C. do – do
    D. does – does
    Hoa brushes ______ teeth every morning.
    A. his 
    B. her
    C. my
    D. your
    Where do you live? ______.
    A. I live in Hanoi
    B. I'm at school
    C. I'm twelve years old
    D. I'm fine. Thanks
    Tìm từ có cách phát âm khác ở phần gạch chân:
    A. couches 
    B. benches
    C. houses
    D. tomatoes
    ______ ? - It’s an eraser.
    A. What’s your name?
    B. Who is that?
    C. What’s that?
    D.Where is that?
    Tìm từ khác loại:
    A. teacher 
    B. classmate
    C. student
    D. board
    How many ______ are there in your class? - There are 35.
    A. benchies 
    B. bench
    C. benches
    D. benchs
    How old is your mother? ______ .
    A. He’s forty years old
    B. She’s forty
    C. She’s forty year old
    D. A & C  are correct

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  • Talk about your greener world

    04/03/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • hãy nối những câu sau đây dung:So that/ In order that

    1/The boys stood  on the desks. They wanted to get a better view


    2/We learn English.We want to have a better view communication with other people 


    3/We lower the volume.We don't want to bother our neighbours


    4/I will write to you. i want to you know my decision soon


    5/ These girls were talking whispers. They didn't want anyone to hear their converstation


    6/The little girl feigned to be sick.She hoped we didn't make her work


    7/I spoke loudly. I wanted everybody could hear me


    8/ Mary oftens goes home as soon as the class is over. She doesn't want her mother to wait for her


    9/ tom gets up early. He doesn't want to be late for school


    10/ Wellfrog hid the sweets under his pillow. He didn't want his mothe to see them


    ( In order that nha cacs bạn )

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  • Hãy nêu các bộ phận trên cơ thể ở lớp 6 bằng tiếng anh rùi dịch nghĩa nữa nhé 

    01/03/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Bn nào giỏi tiếng anh dịch hộ mình câu này với


    1.Some of the symptoms that come from ingesting the toxin are dizziness,struggling to breath, seizures, collapsing, hyperventilation, shock and evencoma. 

    2. It should also be noted that the amount of damage these foods can do vary onthe specific breeds and sizes of your dogs.

    01/03/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Put a word into the gaps of the passage :

    Hoang likes fishing very much. He ........ in the river ............... our house ........ Sunday afternoon, when he ........... no work, he goes down to the river with a little seat and ........ sandwiches and fishes until it is quiet dark. ......... are always a .......... other people there. They love fishing, too and they all sit therequietly for hours. Sometimes they catch some fish, ........ they do not. I ........ not like that kind of sports ........... I am not patient.


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  • Talk about a robot of your own:

    04/03/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Talk about your summer vacation.(10 dòng hoặc 10 câu )

    04/03/2019 |   1 Trả lời


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