Tìm lỗi và sửa: Ba are ten

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1 . Ba are ten

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    Ba are ten

    Sửa: are => is

    vì Ba Ià số ít nên dùng is

      bởi Nguyen PhuongAnh 28/02/2019
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  • Sửa: Are --> Is

      bởi Nguyễn Bo 23/08/2019
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  •  Lỗi sai , sửa are thành is

      bởi Chu Chu 23/08/2019
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  • Supply a word that has the following description.

    1._____________:a man who gives a weather forecast.

    2.______________:an amusing play or film with a happy ending.

    3._________________:the important items of news read on television.

    4.___________________:the thing we use to change the channels from a distance.

    12/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • đặt câu hỏi

    1 / lan is going to the zoo now .

    2/ I study English at shool.

    3/ Phong is wearing a school unifrom .

    4 / Duy lives near Phong's house

    5/ His brother eats lunch in the school canteen

    12/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Hãy đọc và chọn đáp án đúng A, B, C hoặc D để điền vào chỗ trống cho phù hợp.

    A foolish man went to a butcher's shop to buy a piece of meat. As he didn't know how to (1)............... it, he asked the butcher to tell him the (2) .............. of cooking meat. The butcher told him about that. "But I can not (3) ............... your words", the told said, Would you please write (4) .............. down for me ?" The butcher was (5) .............. enough to do so. The man went home (6) .............. with the piece of meat in his hand and the note in his pocket. A dog followed him. On the way, the dog suddenly jumped at him, (7) ................ the meat from him and ran out. He stood there and (8) ................ knewwhat to do. Then, he laughed and, said " (9) ................ , dog. You don't know how to (10) ............... it because the note is still in my pocket."

    1. a. bring b. cook c. buy d. take
    2. a. way b. road c. place d. idea
    3. a. hear b. forget c. remember d. understand
    4. a. it b. them c. words d. lesson
    5. a. worried b.surprised c. foolish d. kind
    6. a. difficulty b. suddenly c. happily d. sadly
    7. a. asked for b. took away c. took out d. stole
    8. a. nearly b. hardly c. always d. often
    9. a. Never mind b. Thank you c. Go away d. Wait for a while
    10. a. cut b. take c. beat d. eat

    HELP ME ~ tuy bài nó hơi dài nhưng mong các bạn cố giúp mik nha cảm ơn các bạn

    21/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • I. Make sentences using the words and phrases given.

    1. When/ Nam/ ten/ he/ speak/ English/ phone.

    2. My sister/ write/ poems/ she/ eight.

    3. They/ worried/ that/ some people/ use/ robots/ bad things.

    4. If/ people/ plant/ more trees/ area/ there/ be/ no floods.

    5. If/ we/ recycle/ old newspaper/ we/ save/ lot/ labour/ tree.

    6. Robots/ not only/ talk/ people/ but / understand/ what/ they/ think.

    12/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Topic 2:Tell 6 ways to prevebt pollution ​.Then,ask and answer the question?

    ​1.What will you try to put in every classroom?

    ​2.What will happen if we pollute the air?

    ​3.What will happen to fish if the water is polluted?

    ​4.What will you do if you want to save a lot of electricty?

    12/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • vui CÂU 8 THAY ĐỔI NHA CÁC BẠN ngaingung

    1. My son _____________ to Australia three years ago and he_____________ it so much that he _____________ to go back and spend a whole year there. He _____________ for a job in order to earn some money. He _____________ next Monday. (go,like,decide)

    2. How many novels _____________ during the summer? (the student,read)

    3. We _____________ the bus to school but today we _____________, we need some exercise. (usually take, walk)

    4. It's obvious that you _____________ this report, you _____________ no idea what it is about. (not read, have)

    5. The sun _____________ , we quickly _____________ all the locks and _____________ (shine,check,leave)

    6. "Why _____________ the party now" " Because it's late and I have busy day tomorrow".(you leave)

    7. Yesterday I _____________ great fun while I _____________ my bike in the park. I _____________ some old friends and we _____________ a race.(have,ridemeet,have)

    8. " What _____________ after school?" " School _____________ at 4 o'clock, as soon as I______________home, I______________to do my homework so that I can have a rest immediately after that.(you do,finsh,get,like)

    9. My uncle George _____________ the sea. However, I _____________ him make plants last week because he wants to see it.(never see,hear)

    10. Sam _____________ at Susan's house shortly before 9 but she _____________ there. In fact she _____________ at the library.(turn up, not be, already study)

    11. What _____________ for living? He is an architect, he _____________ house.(martin do, build)

    12. Don't worry, I _____________ to feed your cats while you are away and I _____________ (promise,forget)

    13. What _____________ tonight? I _____________ Tom at eight and we _____________ to a movie, _____________ to come? (you do, meet go, like)

    14. I think Sandra _____________ the only girl in the drama group.(be)

    15. Michale _____________ a stange suond, so he _____________ up and _____________ to check that everything was alright.(hear, get,go)

    16. I _____________ the dog and he wants more kibbles. That dog _____________ fat!(feed, become)

    17. " Your school results are awful!" " I 'm sorry mum, I know, I _____________ study more, I want to have good report next term.(study)

    18. " How long _____________ your best friends?
    " "Since we _____________ school together.(you know, be)

    20. How many students _____________ before he _____________ in 2012?(he teach, retire)

    21. Ann _____________ . She says she wants to meet us for lunch. Are we free?(phone)

    24/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Write the topic about my future house.Then,ask and answer the questions:

    ​1.Will your house have a robot in the future?Why?

    ​2.What will you have in your house in the future?

    ​3. What will there be around the house?

    ​4.Will you have a lot of trees and flowers around your house?

    12/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • V. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

    1. Don't make a fire here. It is very _______ ( danger )

    2. The Mekong River is the _______ river in Vietnam ( long )

    3. Is Mr.Quang a _____? ( business )

    4. Is The Underground in London _______ than Metro in Paris ? ( good )

    5. That _____ can play the guitar very well. ( music )

    6. She plays badminton ______ a week. ( two )

    7. Is Quang Ninh a ______ province ? ( mountain )

    8. These children like ______ weather ( sun )

    9. What is the _______ of the Great wall ? ( wide )

    10. What's Maco's ______ ? - She's British ( nation )

    12/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • you should (learn)................... hard to please your parents

    12/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • complete the text.use the present simple

    My bexst friend

    my bext friend is Hannah.she (live) door to me.we(go) the same school but we are in different classes.

    i (walk) school but Hannah(go) bike,because she always(get up).....................late.after school we(finish................our homework first,then we(listen) our favourite music.i(like).............R&B ,but Hannah(hate) (think)'s boring .she (love)...................rock music.

    13/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời


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