tìm lỗi sai và sửa: He is eats luch now.

tìm lỗi sai và sửa

1, He is eats luch now.

2, It star at 7 o'lock.

3, Nam brush his teeth every moning.

4, They are playing football every afternoon.

5, We are having dinner at the momnet.

6, He studys English every evening.

7 Nam and Ba are siting in their room now.

8, The children is going to school now.

9, Miss Lien don't teach in my school.

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  • Sửa:

    1. He is eats luch now => He is eating lunch now.

    2. It star at 7 o'lock => It starts at 7 o'clock.

    3. Nam brush his teeth every morning => Nam brushes his teeth every morning.

    4. They are playing football every afternoon => They are play football every afternoon.

    5. We are having dinner at the momnet => We are having dinner at the moment.

    6. He studys English every evening => He studies English every evening.

    7. Nam and Ba are siting in their room now => Nam and Ba are sitting in their room now.

    8. The children is going to school now => The children are going to school now.

    9. Miss Lien don't teach in my school => Miss Lien doesn't teach my school.

      bởi Nguyễn Viết Kim 28/10/2018
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  • eats-> eating

    start them s

    Brush them es

    are playing chuyen play

      bởi Tuyền Khúc 28/10/2018
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  • 1) eats --> eating

    2) start --> starts

    3) brush -> brushes

    4) are playing --> play

    5)  momnet --> momment

    6) studys --> studies

    7) siting --> sitting

    8) is --> are ( children là N số nhiều ).

    9) don't --> doesn't.

      bởi ➻❥ηø࿐ иαмє ✔ 28/10/2018
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    1. eating
    2. starts
    3. brushes
    4. play
    5. moment
    6. studies
    7. sitting
    8. are 
    9. doesn't
      bởi Nguyễn Minh Đức 01/11/2018
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    4. Mr. Tan (not sit) in Dr. Lai's surgery now. H(leave) two hours ago

    5. lasy month, heer mother (teach) her how to use a sewing machine. She (make) a new dress for her sister tonight

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    2. boys and girls may behave ....... is this situation ( differ)

    3. Don't eat too much, otherwiseyou will be ........ ( weigh)

    4. I don't like that man because he is very .............. ( friend)

    5. he has a bad cold. He feels very............... ( please)

    6. nobody likes him because of his............ ( tidy)

    7. There are many good pprgram on TV for............ ( teen)

    8. Walking is a fun, easy and.......... activity ( expensive)

    9. It was extremely................ of you leave your library book on the bus ( care)

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    V. Tìm lỗi sai trong câu

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    2. the post office often sells phone cards apart of stamps.

    3. my dad alway has a three- weeks vacation a year

    4. I hope Mr. Ba soon got used to taveling to work by bicyle

    5. the doctor says you should spens a litte time to play video games

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    2. I often went swimming with my brother last year => I used

    3. Why didn't your brother go to work yesterday => Why was

    4. they heve two- month summer vacation => their summer vacation lasts

    5. Waling in the rain gives him pleasure => he enjoy

    6. we couldn't drive fast because o the heavy rain => the heavy rain

    7. he is the worst soccer player in his team => no one

    9. It too me 2 hours to do this math question yesterday => I spend

    10. he didn't remeber any thing about it, and neither did you => he forgot

    VII. make up sentences using the words and phrases given

    1. I hope/I/get/first/prize/ Districs level excellent students contest

    2. My brother/not/good/draw/neither/I

    3. you/ better/not/eat/too/sugar/because/it/not good/your teeth

    4. Nam/father/advies/not/watch/too/useless/TV/ program

    5. He/rather/eat/out/cook/home

    6. the children/rehearse/play/school/anniversary/ celebration/Town Hall/ moment

    7. school,/all students/part/many outdoor activities




    18/09/2018 |   1 Trả lời

  • Fill in the blanks with mustn't or don't / doesn't have to:

    1. They........work on Sunday.

    2. Visitors..........feed the animal.

    3. Tim...........wear uniform at school.

    4. Don't make so much noise. We.........wake the baby.

    5. There is a lift in the building, so I.........climb the stairs.

    6. You..........touch that switch. It's very dangerous.

    7. Staff.......smoke when serving customers.

    8. Sally is extremly rich. She..........work.

    9. I don't want anybody to know our plan. You............tell anymore.

    10. You.........be a good player to enjoy a game of tennis.

    23/09/2018 |   7 Trả lời

  • Read and circle

    1 He wash / washes his car every sunday

    2 I start / am starting school at 9 o' clock

    3We do / are doing our homework now

    4 My mim walks / is walking to work every

    5 Rob likes / is liking pizza

    6 You read / are reading a comic now

    7 The children always watch / are watching TV at the weekend

    8 My cat usually plays / is playing in the garden

    03/10/2018 |   7 Trả lời

  • I. Freetime activities

    1.what do you do after school/in the evening/the weekend?

    EX: I do my homework/ listen to music/readbook... After school

    Câu trả lời:



    2.what do you do this summer vacation?

    I visit my grandparents/ I visit Nha Trang/...



    3.how often do you play sport?

    I always/usally/often/sometime/never play sport.



    4.do you play sport? Which sport do you play?

    Yes, i do/ no, in don't. I like play soccer/ volleyball.



    21/10/2018 |   3 Trả lời

  • Hãy chia các câu sau thành câu khẳng định,phủ định,nghi vấn.

    1:It often<rain) in the summer.

    2:They<not go)to work on sunday.

    3:There<be not)10 students in this class.

    21/10/2018 |   3 Trả lời

  • tìm lỗi sai và sửa

    1, He is eats luch now.

    2, It star at 7 o'lock.

    3, Nam brush his teeth every moning.

    4, They are playing football every afternoon.

    5, We are having dinner at the momnet.

    6, He studys English every evening.

    7 Nam and Ba are siting in their room now.

    8, The children is going to school now.

    9, Miss Lien don't teach in my school.

    28/10/2018 |   6 Trả lời

  • John hasn’t finished doing homework yet.

    ->John is still...

    She isn’t in the mood to go out tonight.

    -> She doesn’t feel...

    Although he studied hard, he didn’t pass the exam.

    In spite...

    31/10/2018 |   3 Trả lời

  • 1. viết lại câu nghĩa không thay đổi

    1. how old are you?

    - what

    2. where does she live?

    - what

    3. what does your father do?

    - what

    4. how far is it from your house to school?

    - what

    5. her new school is bigger than her old school

    - her old school

    6. this is a lovely house

    - what

    7. that armchair is very comfortable

    - how

    8. what awful weather

    - how

    9. how many rooms are there in this house

    - how many rooms does

    10. she teaches history

    - she is

    11. no room in the house is smaller than this room

    - this room

    12. he is the most student in his class

    - no one

    13. she is the best student in her class

    - no body

    14. what time is it?

    - what is

    15. what subject do you like best

    - what is

    16. I like math

    - I am

    17. the break lasts fifteen minutes

    - I have a

    18. he takes care of sick children

    - he looks

    19. let's go to the zoo

    - what about

    20. why don't we listen to music

    - let's

    21. I prefer watching TV to reading book

    - I like

    22. no house on the streed are olden than my house

    - my house

    23. collecting coins is his hobby

    - he

    24. the zoo is not far from my house

    - my house

    25. nam loves phaying chess and bird - watching

    - nam is

    26. how much is his dress

    - how much does

    27. how much are there shoes

    - what 's

    28. she spend one hour doing her house work

    - It takes

    29. he usually rides to school

    -he usually

    30. I like listenning to music more than playing chess

    - I prefer

    08/11/2018 |   2 Trả lời

  • điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống để hoang thành đoạn văn sau

    I have a friend. Her name is Lan. She is twelve ........... old and she's in ........... six. She can speak English. She has English ........ Monday and thursday. She can also ............ the piano. In her room ............... is a piano and some books. Every day she gets up at six o'clock. She ........... breakfast at half past six and goes to school at a ............ to seven. She has her classes ............. seven o'clock to eleven thirty. Then she comes back .......... and has lunch at twelve o'clock. It's three o'clock in the afternoon now and Lan's in her room. She ......... playingthe piano

    16/01/2019 |   6 Trả lời

  • cho mình hỏi want với want to khác nhau như thế nào?

    08/10/2019 |   4 Trả lời

  • A: Which ...... are you in ? B: 6B

    13/10/2019 |   5 Trả lời

  • IV. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer : NOISY NEIGHBORS Do you sometimes have problems with your neighbor such as noise or littering? Well, the people of Pilton Somerset, England have such problems every summer. For three or four days every year, the village is full of people of all ages who come here for the annual Glastonbury pop music festival. They usually stay in tents, caravans and motorhomes. They leave drink cans and papers all over the street. The music plays until the early hours of the morning, and you can hear people talking and singing all night. The quiet country village becomes a nightmare to live an and some villagers are even thinking of moving to another village. A villager said that last year; “I don’t want stop the Glastonbury Festival. I just want the fans to enjoy the festival without disturbing normal village life” 1. What happen in Pilton , Somerset every summer ? A. The neighbors are noisy B. There are many villagers C. There is a pop music festival D. The villagers litter the street 2. Visitors litter the street with ................... A. tents B. caravans C. motorhomes D. cans and parpers 3. How long is the pop music festival every year ? A. one night B. The whole summer C. Three or four days D. The whole year 4. What is Pilton like during the rest of the year ? A. noisy place B. A quiet village C. A nightmare D. A music concert 5. The villagers just want to ....... A. have a normal life as usual B. stop the fans enjoy the festival C. more far away D. put an end to the festival

    13/10/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Read the pasage and mark sentences T ( true) or F(false)

    In just a few yearr, when you wake up, the lamps will automatucally rurn off. You'll get push information about the weather . When you leave your house,you'll press a button via an app that will automatically lock. When your house senses you're on your way back, it'll get ready for your arrial- the garage door will open as you come home and your favourite music will start to play when you walk it.


    Sentences T F
    1)In the future, you'll turn off the lamps when you wake up
    2) You'll push a button for the weather information
    3) Nothing helps you drive your car out of the garage

    4)You won't have to lock your house doors.

    5)Your house won't see you back home again.
    6) You won't hear your favourite music when you come home from work .

    26/11/2019 |   2 Trả lời

  • At lunchtime, you can ______________ lunch in the school canteen

    12/11/2019 |   5 Trả lời

  • Phong is wearing a school ________

    A. shoes B. uniform C. bag D. hats

    12/11/2019 |   9 Trả lời

  • A. teacher B. chess C. lunch D. school

    12/11/2019 |   8 Trả lời

  • This buillding is (modern) ................................... one in this area.

    13/10/2019 |   3 Trả lời


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