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talk about your country

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  • Have you ever been to Vietnam? If you have been there, I am sure that you want to go to Vietnam once more. Vietnam is known not only as a developing country, as a country that has just been out of a war and is still poor but it is also known as a beautiful, peaceful and friendly country.
    Although Vietnam still have many difficulties in economy, in some years, Vietnam has proved by its worth by increasing its economy, culture, society and quality of living.
    Every year, there are a million of turns of foreigners arriving in Vietnam. They come to Vietnam not just for their holidays but they also want to join the Vietnamese culture and the Vietnamese lifestyle.
    The culture of Vietnam is the culture of Asia but we have our own culture and it is different from other. Vietnamese are friendly and kind, the foreigners can do everything in my country and we are pleased to help them. Wherever you go, you can see the traditional clothes “ Ao dai”, from Noi Bai International Airport in Ha Noi capital or Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh city to in the streets in Vietnam. We are proud of it and there are many foreigners wear “Ao Dai” in Vietnam and other country. It is the symbol of Vietnam culture and especially is symbol of the Vietnamese women.
    About delicacy in Vietnam, although there are many kinds of food from other countries, “Pho”, “Bun bo”, “Nem”, Cha” are still the exciting and attractive food for foreigners and they are very cheap, of course, they contain the Vietnamese style deeply.
    Beside clothes and food, everyone comes to know Vietnam because of its beauty, “ Ha Long Bay” , beautiful beaches, landscapes which the foreigner will never forget. Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam, is famous for ancient streets and traditional culture. Ho Chi Minh city is famous for modern culture, busy life and shopping. If you need a silent place, you should arrive in Ha Noi and if you like noisy and activities, please go to Ho Chi Minh. Everyone is usually glad to welcome you.
    With a short tour around Vietnam, you spend only one week for your holidays for each city. It is really cheap and valuable for your choice. Vietnam is the destination for the new millennium.

      bởi Trần Minh 04/03/2019
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