Sắp xếp thành sau hoàn chỉnh: in / are / how / of / house / there / many / your / cans / food / ? /

I. sắp xếp lại câu hoàn chỉnh

1. in / are / how / of / house / there / many / your / cans / food / ? / .

2. roads / accidents / many / are / there / our / on.

3. Nam / does / often / what / have / lunch / for / ? / .

4. Lan / two / and / milk / glasses / Loan / of / want .

5. listening / at / she / music / is / moment / to /the .

6. vegetables / the / market / to / taking / is / she / the .

Theo dõi Vi phạm

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  • 1. in / are / how / of / house / there / many / your / cans / food / ? / .

    => How many cans of food are there in your house?

    2. roads / accidents / many / are / there / our / on.

    => There are many accidents on our roads.

    3. Nam / does / often / what / have / lunch / for / ? / .

    => What does Nam often have for lunch?

    4. Lan / two / and / milk / glasses / Loan / of / want .

    => Lan and Loan want two glasses of milk.

    5. listening / at / she / music / is / moment / to /the .

    => She is listening to music at the moment.

    6. vegetables / the / market / to / taking / is / she / the

    => She is taking the vegetables to the market.

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    2. International School in Ho Chi Minh City is ___ school in Viet Nam with high-tech facilities.

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    4. People must be well-prepared ___ they want to climb Mount Everest.

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    5. "Which ___ is Britain in?" - "Europe."

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  • You should brush your teeth after meals.

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  • điền vào chỗ trống 1 từ thích hợp

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    giup nhe

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    2. Unless she is more hard-working, she will get low marks.


    3. Unless he listens to his parents, he will fail.


    4. They began watching the movie one hour ago.

    They have____________________________________________________________________

    5. He last cried ten years ago.

    He has______________________________________________________________________

    Q: Mai and Nga are going to Lan’s ……………..party. They are talking …………it. They are going to buy some beautiful flowers ……….. Lan’s birthday. They are going to …….a big cake for her. Then they are going to ………..Hoa to go together. Hoa is going to give some English books ……..Lan . ………. They are going to have a wonderful birthday party. They are talking , drinking and ……………a lot. They are going to stay ……….Lan for hours. Finally, they are going to say …………..to each other.

    Q: choose the wrong and correct:

    Sue is planning a pho to for book. She has made her a drawing and is talking to Ted about it . “let’s to have the Landover on the left the picture, Tina and Paul in the middle of the picture, you on the right and all the luggage and a equipment at the front . And we can have the entrance to the Tourism House at the back of the picture

    Q; This is Paul’s room. He is sitting ……..an armchair, and his guitar is ……….a small chair. He has several pictures …the wall, and there are some pictures ……….the ceiling, ……..his bed. He is packing for his trip ……British Tourist Books, so his bag is…………a corner …….. the room. Some of his clothes are ……..the floor. Some are …….his bag.

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    Bài tập Tiếng anh

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  • Make questions for the answers to complete the conversation between two friends.

    Mary: (1) __________________________________________________ last Monday, Nam?

    Nam: Yes, I was. I was ill.

    Mary: (2) Oh,_____________________________________________________________?

    Nam: I had a very bad cold.

    Mary: (3)________________________________________________________________?

    Nam: Yes, I did, and he gave me some medicine.

    Mary: (4)________________________________________________________________?

    Nam: I took it for three days.

    Mary: (5)_____________________________________________________________ now?

    Nam: I feel much better. I still have a cough, but it was a lot worse two days ago.

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