Sắp xếp câu sau hoàn chỉnh: from/vietnam/and /I/is/lana/canada/am/from?

1. sắp xếp thành câu hoàn chỉnh

1.from/vietnam/and /I/is/lana/canada/am/from?

2. language/which/does/your/opeak/friend?

3. building/tallest/the/is/that/city/the/in

4. lan is house/smaller/is/house/my/than

5. the/spring/in/what meather/is/like/the?

6. want/tom/mary/and/glasses/two/of/water

7. children/for/her/oranges/and/some/apples/going/buy/to/is/mrs lan

8. sister/my/going/is/to/live/country/the/in

9. vy/does/often/what/have/breakfast/for?

10. twice/mrs lan/listens/music/week/a/to

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  • 1. sắp xếp thành câu hoàn chỉnh

    2. language/which/does/your/opeak/friend?

    Which language does your friend speak?

    3. building/tallest/the/is/that/city/the/in

    That building is the tallest in the city.

    4. lan is house/smaller/is/house/my/than

    Lan's house is smaller than my house

    5. the/spring/in/what meather/is/like/the?

    What weather is the spring like in?

    9. vy/does/often/what/have/breakfast/for?

    What does Vy often have for breakfast?

    10. twice/mrs lan/listens/music/week/a/to

    Mrs Lan listens to music twice a week

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    11/09/2019 |   1 Trả lời

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    11/09/2019 |   8 Trả lời

  • most/magazines/expensive/than/ newspapers

    11/09/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Trog tiếng anh Khi nào dùng lot( lots). Khi nào dùng many(much)

    11/09/2019 |   1 Trả lời

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    13. The house will have a super mart TV to ______ the e-mails.

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    B. send and receive

    C. get and take

    D. receive and get

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    B. Love stories

    C. Cartoons

    D. Detective stories

    19. Arre there any good programs ______ teenagers on TV tonight?

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    20. My father works late tomorrow, sho he will _______ the first part of the fish on VTV 1.

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