Now write your own entry for the competition. Use the ideas above

Now write your own entry for the competition. Use the ideas above

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  • When I was still a fourteen-year-old boy finishing the last book of the Harry Potter series, I had my dream of becoming an adventure story’s writer. I don’t know whether I stand any chance of turning my dream into reality, but I do have the passion and the prospect of myself being famous helps me get rid of my lack of confidence and encourages me to write this competition entry for your exciting TV programme – Masterclass.
    So you might ask me what it would take to achieve my goal as a writer. Well, the very first thing that comes to my mind is the emotion. You’ve got to have a sensitive characteristic to build soulful characters. Even if you want to write a romantic novel or a adventure one, you are sure to make your “imaginary people” more real, aren’t you?
    The next thing you’ll find it extremely necessary is the imagination. The more imaginative you are, the more lively your “worlds” will be and of course the more attractive your stories become. I myself have created a lot of storylines in my mind and I can confidently assert that these things will be one-of-a-kind stories that you’ve never read before!!
    Last but not least, they way you use words is also very important. I know some famous writers who didn’t learn much at school, but grasping how to write properly and wisely is a great advantage. Readers will feel more comfortable when reading your well-written novels.
    The likelihood of becoming a great adventure writer is not really a formidable challenge to me now. With my burning passion, my wonderful imaginary “worlds” and the help from Masterclass TV programme, how can’t I fulfil my ambition?

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      bởi Thu Trần Uyên 06/03/2019
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