Miêu tả chiếc nón lá Việt Nam bằng tiếng Anh

Miêu tả chiếc nón lá VN bằng tiếng anh

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  • Vietnam An expatriate who is a professor who teaches at the University of Washington, USA, has thought well of conical hat: "I went to all four corners of heaven, have seen many types of hats, hat style many countries and many ethnic minorities, but have not seen any hats shades include simple enough, dapper, graceful, charming, simple and practical as Vietnam conical hat "(Nguyen Thi Hoang Tam , World Magazine, No. 2, June 11-1995).

    For the people of Quang Nam, if hats are not made of leaves, the two words are used hats and caps the same, for example: straw hat - straw hats, or hats of felt - felt hats.

    Conical hat that looks so simple, but to make it truly conical hat elaborately and meticulously. Hat widgets include: leaves, cones and frames only. Leaves are taken from two plants like palm trees, there is a small jellyfish, grows in the mountains. One type is called Leaf to (name is du rules chlorophyll). Another type is the cone leaves or leaf Bong (name is Bodhi provided chlorophyll), soft and thinner. Quang Nam rural people often use the two days prior to leaves and leaves on this hat, depending on the nature leaves: young leaves are used as soft and thin cone; older leaves, thick and hard ribbed then used to, called the robe, ie the day before rainwear.

    With other types of young leaf buds, not necessarily spread out, it dried, but do not let it dry too, and took careful board. One "board" by taking a rag soaked, bring them on the fire to heat up before you rub the leaves, to "board" for leaf veins straight and the road surface is equal to the leaf, each beam section drape brought to keep straight leaves.

    Sewing thread fibers leaves usually charge (Hue, then the user thread slope).

    Hat frames usually by those skilled craftsmen made available, with 16 rims (also differs from one type of cone Hue, especially for the nuns teams, as many as 18 rims).

    After soft bamboo and small circular Cathedral and a rim-bending puzzle to catch and put no frame rim (Quang Nam in the countryside are often referred to as mold), who do hats ranked two, three leaves were ready to board the frame. Roofing foils out, thick roofing sheets inside. Wants to make efficient team hats, thick leaves, the whole roof. The conical hat in the countryside who plow days ago I wore the hats this thick thatch. Broaching brim must also thinner, to the hats are gentle, elegant. Final stage is conical hats: user charges only myriad leaves stitched belt layers. To finally coronary coronary largest conical hats, the belt used a big bamboo, bamboo rim attached to the leaves in the middle for sure grip, the leaf from falling out and fiber tear. The garment or hat this final borders, milliner called coronary button. Garments must be careful a long nose, two shots short, it will, but people in the industry call a mother of two children sewing style; a rather strange call, especially with the youth of today.

    Conical hats days ago, in addition to shelter, while the ornaments are charming, bore a secret lyrical Vietnam daughters. And perhaps not seen elsewhere many charming girl with long black hair shiny shoulders covered with flowing white long dress and hat poem as in Hue shy. Every day after school, the girls Dong Khanh her old days, with both hats undulating forest, beauty the streets and create romantic beauty shoulders Tien bridge spanning the blue Perfume River. These girls are often shy Hue pulled his hat tilted led many souls must wistfully: "How do you know that he looks tilted hat? / Afternoon autumn sunshine where cloud cover" (Tran Quang Long). And even characters in folk lyricism was also pleased to say: "The cup is the cup drunk love, / love you Hats weathered the top teams." Because by the earth and sky that is the wistfulness that heart to heart wondering: "Love again stood behind forehead. / Long sun arcade or going to rain?" (T.H.D.V).

    For the villagers of Quang Nam, ivory conical hat with how the utility. In addition to regular cone used to rain, sun, the farmer or the mother country, each time missing the road, thirst, only to look down the river used to draw drinking water cone, extremely simplistic. League finished thirst, hats waving fan was a little bit to find a cool, especially when you have traveled a long distance in the hot summer days. Inside a field, the baby buffalo lying under a tree, the plowman uncle too, used cone masks, to just avoid the sun, just keep insects from disturbed peaceful nap ...


    Vietnam conical hat, where only the material but also handy secret beauty of the culture of Vietnam, will exist forever, I'm sure of it, though life has changed, modern but affordable too.
    Vietnam is a tropical, very sunny and rainy. So hats headed projection is an indispensable material for shelter,.
    Hats Vietnam has a long history. Photos forerunner of hats were carved out of Ngoc Lu drum, on rushing Thinh bronze jars into 2500-3000 years ago. Since ancient times, hats were present in the daily lives of the people of Vietnam, the country struggles through many stories and novels.
    According to the development of history through the ages, hats are also many variations in style and substance. At first when no instruments to suture ligation, plaited knit hats. And as today's sewing hats appear to be due to the introduction of the needle, ie in the period they are practicing safe mode (3rd century BC).
    According to the elders, had earlier been classified into three types, called conical cone collar ten (or three-range cones), conical hats and the first missed. Wide brimmed hats generally neck, round, flat like tray. On the outer rim surrounding contoured shape makes hats like the gong. The heart has attached a small round enough stretch knit tight-fitting head the team. Brimmed hats widest range three. Women in ancient times often this outing hats Assembly or to the temple. Football is the smallest cone and also borders the lowest around. Previously it was classified according to the level of human cone holders cone. The types of hats for Santa, others for the rich and home goods, children's hats, hats for soldiers, monks hats ...
    In Vietnam, both North, Central and South regions are famous hat and each cone in each locality will bring its own nuances. Lai Chau cone of Thai people; Cao Bang hats of red paint Tay compatriots; Thanh Hoa has brimmed hats 16-20; Three cone noise (Quang Binh), lightweight and elegant Christmas; Go Gang hats (Binh Dinh); Hue conical light, thanks slat lined with foil; Bell hat village (Thanh Oai, Ha Tay) is the type most durable hats in the northern plains.
    Cone materials not complicated. Where, too, want to be a hat to take the leaves of a small palm grows wild type, using fiber cone - a very tough fibers derived from plants steelhead hooks (nowadays people often use nylon thread) and bamboo . Hat leaf remains green when brought rang commandments, is brought is using a piece of iron is heated, place the leaves to use for years to claw flat. Moderate to high fire, if it was too hot crispy, golden fire, cool the flat leaves only the beginning, after the commandments same. It is burning sulfur heating to white leaf out, while avoiding the leaf from mold.
    Tapering pick long tubes of bamboo, propped up on the kitchen staging anti-termite smoked, used as a round cone. Bell has 16 layers cones round. The number 16 is the result of the study, selected over the years, so far has become a principle does not change. They gave Bell hats get delicate appearance, not too appears chunky, not luxuriant collapse. But the beauty of the hat, mainly driven by skillful hands of craftsmen created. The mechanic is like sewing hats embroiderers. Ring is placed on the mold available bamboo, leaves piling up on site to complete the work of the stitching. Sewing needles that are estimated as measure. The thread used to stitch crocheted often lengths, different short. Want to continuous stitching is almost the other fiber to the other fiber serial. And the resources of the village artisans Bell is the fiber connector zone hooks are hidden, leaving only when looking at the hats seen bathing smooth stitches. Wool yarn for each needle hook through 16 layers within the charming hat was formed.
    While sewing hats, the girls usually do not forget the village Bell sought to decorate hats attractive. Thanks least they simply paste into the cone shaped floral heart with colorful paper often printed and sold at the fair Bell. More subtly, she used only the color stitching ringed in two opposite points inside the cone so that can tie straps silk hat with the soft, colorful, which enhance the beauty face girl under the brim.
    Vietnam girl groom hat as a ornaments, sometimes objects to exchange thoughts of their own feelings. It is attached to the top of a piece of heart cones small round mirror to the girls make discreet charm. Most elaborately painted just sink under the leaves hats fancy patterns, or images bamboo, rice, lyrical verses, have found inspiration to new sunshine poem called cones.
    Vietnam hats are made to prevent rain and sun. It is a faithful friend of the workers a second sun dew. But its uses do not stop there, it has become part of the lives of Vietnam. On the road or away from direct sunshine minute break while working in the fields, bamboo groves sitting girls can use a fan to dry the sweat cone. The well water, between burning pain, hats can become a giant mug unwilling, or can replace the pots hooked on that surface water pressure to the heat down. In art, the dance of the girls hats Kinh with graceful ao dai show the gentle, soft and discreet of women Vietnam. With songs Bac Ninh Quan ho singing, boys and girls sing to communicate grace, girls always holding hat three games, it helps her to hide her blushing face while boys far allusions theater about his love away, startled or when she wants to discreetly watch face your partner does not want to let him know.
    Cone is a symbol of Vietnam, the traditional objects and popular all over the country. If in a remote place on earth that is not Vietnam, you suddenly see the white hat, the signal that is Vietnam.

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