Điền vào chỗ trống: his father has bought him a robot .....

his father has bought him a robot ...

he could make the .... for me

will they be able to ... the park

my robot was a toy so he couldn't ..... like a gardener

i don't like robot working like.......

although i can do all of my work ,i still want a ..... to help me

robots might play an important .... in the future

some robots will be ablr to .... table tennis with me

garden bed role toy

hamen play robot guard

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  • his father has bought him a robot .toy..

    he could make the ..guard.. for me

    will they be able to .bed????.. the park

    my robot was a toy so he couldn't ..garden ... like a gardener

    i don't like robot working like..human .....

    although i can do all of my work ,i still want a ...robot .. to help me

    robots might play an important .role .. in the future

    some robots will be able to ..play .. table tennis with me

    garden bed role toy

    human play robot guard

      bởi Đàm Tiến Đức 26/02/2019
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    A. to play B.plays C.play D.played

    2.Trang goes to school six_________a week.

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    3.We________at the moment.

    A.is skip B.are skipping C.skip D.skips

    4._________ do you listen to music ?-Twice a week.

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    Giải Thích Hộ Mình Nha!!! <3

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    seafood/is/da nang/in/cheaper/more/and/delicious/that/than/in/haNoi/

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  • hot dogs are very popular in the united state . americans eat them at basketball games . they eatthem at picnics , too . they call them hot dogs or trankfurters .

    do americans eat dog meat? of course not . hot dogs are like hamburgers . people make hambugers from beef , but they make most hot dogs from pork . pork comes from pigs . people often put the hot dog on a roll so they can eat with their hands

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  • ex5:Read the followwing pasage and choose the correct answer


    Do you somtimes have probelems with your neighbor such as noise or littering?Well,the people of Pilton Somerset,England have such problems every summer.For three or four days every year,the village is full of all ages who come here for the annual Glastonbury pop music festival.They usually stay in tents,caravans and motorhomes.They leave drink cans and papers all over the street.The music plays untilthe early hours of the morning,and you can hear people talking and singing all night.The quiet country village becomes a nightmare to live an and some villagers are even thinking of moving to another villager.A villager said that last year;"I don't want stop the Glastonbury Festival.I just want the fans to enjoy the festival without disturbing normal villager life."

    1.What happe in Pilont,Somerset every summer?

    A.The neighbors are noisy. B.There are many villagers

    C.There is a pop music festival D.The villagers litter the street.

    2.Visitors litter the street with_______

    A.tents B.caravans

    C.motoehomes D.cans and papers

    3.How long is the pop music festival every year?

    A.one night B.the whole summer

    C.three or four days D.the whole year

    4.What is Pilton like during the rest of the year?

    A.a noisy place B.a quiet villagers

    C.a nightmare D.a music concert

    5.The villagers just want to_______

    A.have a normal life as usual B.stop the fans enjoy the festival

    C.move far away D.put an end to the festival

    Giúp mik nha!!!

    Bn nào có đáp án thì nhăn tin cho mik nha!!!


    21/08/2019 |   2 Trả lời

  • Read the texts and translate them into Vietnamese.

    Strangest Houses in the World.

    Dancing House

    Located in Czech Republic, the Dancing House was built between 1992 and 1996. It looks like a dancing couple, symbolizing the popular dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

    Ramot Polin Apartments

    The Ramot Polin Apartments in Ireland looks like hive of honeybees. There are 720 housing units in the apartments built around 1972-1975.

    Cube Houses

    The Cube Houses in Rotterdam look like a bunch of cubes to form a roof of a base building. Each cube house represents a tree and together the houses form a grove, like a village within the city. There are three floors in this house. Enter the house from the entrance on the ground floor. Climb up the first floor to the living room and open kitchen. The second floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom. Some of these houses have a small garden on the top floor.

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