Describe your house

Describe your house

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  • This is the house where I was born. It is in the center of the town. It was first built by my grandparents about fourty years ago, and then It was rebuilt by my parents in 2005 at the same time when the road in front of the house was enlarged. Two years ago a new roof was put on. It is a solid two-storey house. In the house there is a living-room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a dinning-room on the first floor. There are two bed rooms and a toilet on each floor. I live in a room next to my grandparents'room on the first floor. in my room, there is a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a computer. My sister lives in on the second floor close to my parents'. The house is not too big, but it is large enough for us to live in. There are a lot of stores along the either side of the street, and a big market nearby, so it is very convenient to go shopping. I love the house where I was born and grew up.

      bởi Mạnh Dũng 25/03/2019
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